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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985 Migrants' remittances and economic activityStraubhaar, Thomas
1985 The significance of labour migration for the workers' countries of originStraubhaar, Thomas
1986 South-South trade: Some recent trendsStraubhaar, Thomas
1986 The economics of Third World arms importsStraubhaar, Thomas
1987 South-South trade: Is integration a solution?Straubhaar, Thomas
1994 Internationale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit einer Volkswirtschaft: Was ist das?Straubhaar, Thomas
1995 Maastricht II: Are real convergence criteria needed?Schmidt, Christian; Straubhaar, Thomas
1995 Maastricht II: bedarf es realer Konvergenzkriterien?Schmidt, Christian; Straubhaar, Thomas
1996 Current issues in European migrationStraubhaar, Thomas; Wolter, Achim
1996 Aktuelle Brennpunkte der europäischen MigrationsdiskussionStraubhaar, Thomas; Wolter, Achim
1997 Globalisation, internal labour markets and the migration of the highly skilledStraubhaar, Thomas; Wolter, Achim
1998 The euro's place in the world monetary systemMüller, Henrik; Straubhaar, Thomas
1998 Die Stellung des Euro im WeltwährungssystemMüller, Henrik; Straubhaar, Thomas
1999 Empirical Findings on the Swiss Migration ExperienceStraubhaar, Thomas; Golder, Stefan M.
1999 Glokalisierung - die Champions League der AgglomerationenStraubhaar, Thomas
1999 EU-Osterweiterung à la Hundertwasser?Straubhaar, Thomas
2000 New migration needs a NEMP (a new European migration policy)Straubhaar, Thomas
2000 Internationale Migration - Gehen oder Bleiben : wieso gehen wenige und bleiben die meisten?Straubhaar, Thomas
2000 Why do we need a general agreement on movements of people (GAMP)?Straubhaar, Thomas
2000 Why do people stay? Insider advantages and immobilityFischer, Peter A.; Holm, Einar; Malmberg, Gunnar; Straubhaar, Thomas