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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 The spatial and sectoral pattern of fast-growing young firms in the Netherlands: Theoretical background and analysisStam, Erik
2000 Locational Behaviour Of Young Firms: A Life Course PerspectiveStam, Erik; Schutjens, Veronique
2005 Why Butterflies Don't Leave - Spatial development of new firmsStam, Erik
2005 The Fragile Success of Team Start-upsStam, Erik; Schutjens, Veronique
2005 New Firms Evolving in the Knowledge Economy; problems and solutions around turning pointsStam, Erik; Garnsey, Elizabeth
2005 Agglomeration economies and entrepreneurship: testing for spatial externalities in the Dutch ICT industryvan Oort, Frank G.; Stam, Erik
2006 Renascent Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurial Preferences Subsequent to Firm ExitStam, Erik; Audretsch, David B.; Meijaard, Joris
2006 Starting anew: Entrepreneurial intentions and realizations subsequent to business closureSchutjens, Veronique; Stam, Erik
2006 Why Butterflies Don't Leave. Locational behaviour of entrepreneurial firmsStam, Erik
2007 Innovation networks of high tech SMES: creation of knowledge but no creation of valueWinters, Rob; Stam, Erik
2007 High growth entrepreneurs, public policies and economic growthStam, Erik; Suddle, Kashifa; Hessels, S. Jolanda A.; van Stel, André J.
2008 Entrepreneurial Exit in Real and Imagined MarketsStam, Erik; Thurik, Roy; van der Zwan, Peter
2008 Entrepreneurship and innovation policyStam, Erik
2008 Employment growth of new firmsStam, Erik; Gibcus, Petra; Telussa, Jennifer; Garnsey, Elizabeth
2009 Types of entrepreneurship and economic growthStam, Erik; van Stel, André J.
2009 Entrepreneurship, evolution and geographyStam, Erik
2009 The role of R&D in new firm growthStam, Erik; Wennberg, Karl
2009 Creative destruction and regional productivity growth: evidence from the dutch manufacturing and services industriesBosma, Niels; Stam, Erik; Schutjens, Veronique
2010 Entrepreneurship, Evolution and GeographyStam, Erik
2019 Intrapreneurship and trustElert, Niklas; Stam, Erik; Stenkula, Mikael