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2010The Mobile Broadband and Fixed Broadband Battle in Swedish market: Exploring complementary or substitutionSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong; Bohlin, Erik
2011Would you prefer a set menu or à la carte? An empirical study of multiple services and choices of consumer in the Swedish telecommunications marketSrinuan, Pratompong; Srinuan, Chalita; Bohlin, Erik
2011Understanding the digital divide: A literature survey and ways forwardSrinuan, Chalita; Bohlin, Erik
2011An analysis of mobile internet service in Thailand: Implications for bridging digital divideSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong; Bohlin, Erik
2012Exploring mobile pricing strategies and innovations in the Thai mobile communications marketSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong; Bohlin, Erik
2014Demand for internet access and use of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in ThailandSrinuan, Chalita
2015Customer Loyalty on Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in ThailandSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong
2015Willingness to pay for cloud computing service of SMEs in ThailandSrinuan, Chalita
2018Spectrum cap and firms' performance: Thailand's experienceSrinuan, Pratompong; Phansatarn, Thunwar; Srinuan, Chalita
2018A country comparative study of spectrum re-farming: Implication for ThailandSrinuan, Chalita; Bohlin, Erik
2023A review of recent merger and acquisitions in mobile telecommunications service industry: Substantial issues and implications for policy makersSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong