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2018Exploring affordability in the Irish housing marketCorrigan, Eoin; Foley, Daniel; McQuinn, Kieran; O'Toole, Conor; Slaymaker, Rachel
2018Estimating an SME investment gap and the contribution of financing frictionsLawless, Martina; O'Toole, Conor; Slaymaker, Rachel
2019Monetary policy normalisation and mortgage arrears in a recovering economy: The case of the Irish residential marketSlaymaker, Rachel; O'Toole, Conor; McQuinn, Kieran; Fahy, Mike
2020Exploring the short-run implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on affordability in the Irish private rental marketO'Toole, Conor; Slaymaker, Rachel; McQuinn, Kieran; Coffey, Cathal; Corrigan, Eoin
2020Credit demand in the Irish mortgage market: What is the gap and could public lending help?Corrigan, Eoin; O'Toole, Conor; Slaymaker, Rachel
2020Back to the future? Macroprudential policy and the rebirth of local authority mortgages in IrelandO'Toole, Conor; Slaymaker, Rachel
2020Review of the Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan schemeO'Toole, Conor; Slaymaker, Rachel
2020Repayment capacity, debt service ratios and mortgage default: An exploration in crisis and non-crisis periodsO'Toole, Conor; Slaymaker, Rachel
2022Future trends in housing tenure and the adequacy of retirement incomeSlaymaker, Rachel; Roantree, Barra; Nolan, Anne; O'Toole, Conor
2022Rental inflation and stabilisation policies: International evidence and the Irish experienceCoffey, Cathal; Hogan, Paul J.; McQuinn, Kieran; O'Toole, Conor; Slaymaker, Rachel
2022Low income renters and housing supportsDoolan, Michael; Roantree, Barra; Slaymaker, Rachel
2023Housing affordability: Ireland in a cross-country contextDisch, Wendy; Slaymaker, Rachel