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2006New technology in schools: is there a payoff?Machin, Stephen; McNally, Sandra; Silva, Olmo
2006Choice, competition and pupil achievementGibbons, Stephen; Machin, Stephen; Silva, Olmo
2006The jack-of-all-trades entrepreneur: innate talent or acquired skill?Silva, Olmo
2007Urban density and pupil attainmentGibbons, Stephen; Silva, Olmo
2009Targeting non-cognitive skills to improve cognitive outcomes: evidence from a remedial education interventionHolmlund, Helena; Silva, Olmo
2009Some Remarks on the Effectiveness of Primary Education InterventionsSilva, Olmo
2009Faith primary schools: better schools or better pupils?Gibbons, Stephen; Silva, Olmo
2011Everybody needs good neighbours? Evidence from students' outcomes in EnglandGibbons, Steve; Silva, Olmo; Weinhardt, Felix
2013Homeownership and Entrepreneurship: The Role of Commitment and Mortgage DebtBracke, Philippe; Hilber, Christian; Silva, Olmo
2014Neighbourhood Turnover and Teenage AttainmentGibbons, Steve; Silva, Olmo; Weinhardt, Felix
2014Homeownership and Entrepreneurship: The Role of Mortgage Debt and CommitmentBracke, Philippe; Hilber, Christian; Silva, Olmo
2017School Choice during a Period of Radical School Reform: Evidence from the Academy ProgrammeBertoni, Marco; Gibbons, Stephen; Silva, Olmo
2017Neighbourhood Turnover and Teenage AttainmentGibbons, Stephen; Silva, Olmo; Weinhardt, Felix
2022The Organizational Economics of School ChainsNeri, Lorenzo; Pasini, Elisabetta; Silva, Olmo
2023Free to improve? The impact of free school attendance in EnglandBertoni, Marco; Heller-Sahlgren, Gabriel; Silva, Olmo