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2011 Ethnische Diversität, soziales Vertrauen und Zivilengagement: ProjektberichtKoopmans, Ruud; Dunkel, Anna; Schaeffer, Merlin; Veit, Susanne
2011 The Ethnic Diversity and Collective Action Survey (EDCAS): Technical reportSchaeffer, Merlin; Koopmans, Ruud; Veit, Susanne; Wagner, Mareike; Wiedner, Jonas
2013 Ethnic diversity, public goods provision and social cohesion: Lessons from an inconclusive literatureSchaeffer, Merlin
2013 De-composing diversity: In-group size and out-group entropy and their relationship to neighbourhood cohesionKoopmans, Ruud; Schaeffer, Merlin
2014 Perceptions of ethno-cultural diversity and neighborhood cohesion in three European countriesKoopmans, Ruud; Schaeffer, Merlin
2016 Statistical and Perceived Diversity and Their Impacts on Neighborhood Social Cohesion in Germany, France and the NetherlandsKoopmans, Ruud; Schaeffer, Merlin
2017 The Costs of Simplicity: Why Multilevel Models May Benefit from Accounting for Cross-Cluster Differences in the Effects of ControlsHeisig, Jan Paul; Schaeffer, Merlin; Giesecke, Johannes
2019 Why You Should Always Include a Random Slope for the Lower-Level Variable Involved in a Cross-Level InteractionHeisig, Jan Paul; Schaeffer, Merlin
2020 The Educational System and the Ethnic Skills Gap among the Working-Age Population: An Analysis of 16 Western Immigration CountriesHeisig, Jan Paul; Schaeffer, Merlin
2020 Career trajectories into undereducation. Which skills and resources substitute formal education in the intergenerational transmission of advantage?Wiedner, Jonas; Schaeffer, Merlin
2021 Multilevel Analysis with Few Clusters: Improving Likelihood-based Methods to Provide Unbiased Estimates and Accurate InferenceElff, Martin; Heisig, Jan Paul; Schaeffer, Merlin; Shikano, Susumu
2021 Rejoinder to Daniel Stegmueller's CommentsElff, Martin; Heisig, Jan Paul; Schaeffer, Merlin; Shikano, Susumu