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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1976 Value of Games in Partition Function FormMyerson, Roger B.
1976 Two-Person Bargaining Problems and Comparable UtilityMyerson, Roger B.
1976 An Extension of the Kakutani Fixed Point TheroremMyerson, Roger B.
1976 Graphs and Cooperation in GamesMyerson, Roger B.
1977 Incentive Compatability and the Bargaining ProblemMyerson, Roger B.
1977 Refinements of the Nash Equilibrium ConceptMyerson, Roger B.
1977 Threat Equilibria and Fair Settlements in Cooperative GamesMyerson, Roger B.
1977 Linear Functionals of Convex Sets with Applications to EconomicsKalai, Ehud; Myerson, Roger B.
1977 Values of Games Without SidepaymentsKalai, Ehud; Myerson, Roger B.
1978 Optimal Auction DesignMyerson, Roger B.
1978 Conference Structures and Fair Allocation RulesMyerson, Roger B.
1978 An Axiomatic Derivation of Subjective ProbabilityMyerson, Roger B.
1978 Prices and Market Imbalance Indexes in a General Equilibrium ModelMyerson, Roger B.
1978 Linearity, Concavity, and Scale Invariance in Social Choice FunctionsMyerson, Roger B.
1979 A Dynamic Microeconomic Model with Durable Goods and Adaptive ExpectationsMyerson, Roger B.
1979 Regulating a Monopolist with Unknown CostsBaron, David P.; Myerson, Roger B.
1980 A General Theory of Cooperative Solutions for Games with Incomplete InformationMyerson, Roger B.
1980 Solutions for Two-Person Bargaining Problems with Incomplete InformationMyerson, Roger B.
1980 Optimal Coordination Mechanisms in Principal-Agent ProblemsMyerson, Roger B.
1981 Mechanism Design by an Informed PrincipalMyerson, Roger B.