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2010Wages and Commuting: Quasi-Natural Experiments' Evidence from Firms that relocateMulalic, Ismir; van Ommeren, Jos N.; Pilegaard, Ninette
2011The Willingness to pay for Quality Aspects of Durables: Theory and Application to the Car MarketMulalic, Ismir; Rouwendal, Jan
2011Essays in transportation economicsMulalic, Ismir
2013Substitution between Cars within the HouseholdBorger, Bruno De; Mulalic, Ismir; Rouwendal, Jan
2015Measuring the Rebound Effect with Micro Datade Borger, Bruno; Mulalic, Ismir; Rouwendal, Jan
2015Does improving Public Transport decrease Car Ownership? Evidence from the Copenhagen Metropolitan AreaMulalic, Ismir; Pilegaard, Ninette; Rouwendal, Jan
2017The Financial Crisis and Diverging House Prices: Evidence from the Copenhagen Metropolitan AreaMulalic, Ismir; Rasmussen, Holger; Rouwendal, Jan; Woltmann, Hans Henrik
2017Discrete Choice Models for Commuting InteractionsRouwendal, Jan; Levkovich, Or; Mulalic, Ismir
2019Productivity effects of an exogenous improvement in transport infrastructure: accessibility and the Great Belt BridgeDe Borger, Bruno L.; Mulalic, Ismir; Rouwendal, Jan
2020Improving renewable energy resource assessments by quantifying landscape beautyMcKenna, Russell; Weinand, Jann Michael; Mulalic, Ismir; Petrovic, Stefan; Mainzer, Kai; Preis, Tobias; Moat, Helen Susannah
2021Commuting, children and the gender wage gapBorghorst, Malte; Mulalic, Ismir; van Ommeren, Jos
2022Public transport investments, commuting and gentrification: Evidence from CopenhagenMulalic, Ismir; Rouwendal, Jan