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2009 A comparison and decomposition of reform-era labor force participation rates of China's ethnic minorities and Han majorityMaurer-Fazio, Margaret; Hughes, James W.; Zhang, Dandan
2009 Childcare, eldercare, and labor force participation of married women in urban China: 1982 - 2000Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Connelly, Rachel; Lan, Chen; Tang, Lixin
2012 Ethnic discrimination in China's internet job board labor marketMaurer-Fazio, Margaret
2012 Ethnic discrimination in China's internet job board labor marketMaurer-Fazio, Margaret
2014 Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Results from a Pilot Project in VietnamDinh, Ngan; Hughes, Conor; Hughes, James W.; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret
2014 The Role of Coresidency with Adult Children in the Labor Force Participation Decisions of Older Men and Women in ChinaConnelly, Rachel; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Zhang, Dandan
2014 Coresidency, Ethnicity, and Happiness of China's Rural EldersConnelly, Rachel; Iannotti, Michael; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Zhang, Dandan
2014 "As Rare as a Panda": How Facial Attractiveness, Gender, and Occupation Affect Interview Callbacks at Chinese FirmsMaurer-Fazio, Margaret; Lei, Lei
2015 Left Behind, At Risk, and Vulnerable Elders in Rural China: What the RUMIC Data Reveal about the Extent, Causes, and Consequences of Being Left BehindConnelly, Rachel; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret
2015 Do Negative Native-Place Stereotypes Lead to Discriminatory Wage Penalties in China's Migrant Labor Markets?Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Connelly, Rachel; Thi Tran, Ngoc-Han
2015 Cultural and Ethnic Differences in the Transitions from Work to "Retirement" of Rural Elders in China's Minority RegionsConnelly, Rachel; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret
2016 How Do Pre-School and/or School-Age Children Affect Parents' Likelihood of Migration and Off-Farm Work in Rural China's Minority Regions?Ding, Sai; Dong, Xiao-Yuan; Maurer-Fazio, Margaret
2018 Does Marital Status Affect How Firms Interpret Job Applicants' Un/Employment Histories?Maurer-Fazio, Margaret; Wang, Sili