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2007Convergence of consumption patterns during macroeconomic transition: A model of demand in Ireland and the OECDLyons, Sean; Mayor, Karen; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008Environmental accounts for the Republic of IrelandLyons, Sean; Mayor, Karen; Tol, Richard S. J.
2009EU climate change policy 2013 - 2020: Using the clean development mechanism more effectivelyGorecki, Paul K.; Lyons, Sean; Tol, Richard S. J.
2009Towards regional environmental accounts for IrelandTol, Richard S. J.; Commins, Nicola; Crilly, Niamh; Lyons, Sean; Morgenroth, Edgar
2009EU climate change policy 2013 - 2020: Thoughts on property rights and market choicesGorecki, Paul K.; Lyons, Sean; Tol, Richard S. J.
2010Timing and determinants of local residential broadband adoption: evidence from IrelandLyons, Sean
2010Public policy towards the sale of state assets in troubled times: Lessons from the Irish experienceGorecki, Paul K.; Lyons, Sean; Tol, Richard S. J.
2011How impact fees and local planning regulation can influence deployment of telecoms infrastructureGorecki, Paul; Hennessy, Hugh; Lyons, Sean
2013Are classroom internet use and academic performance higher after government broadband subsidies to primary schools?Hyland, Marie; Layte, Richard; Lyons, Sean; McCoy, Selina; Silles, Mary
2016The impact of broadband and other infrastructure on the location of new business establishmentsMcCoy, Daire; Lyons, Sean; Morgenroth, Edgar; Palcic, Donal; Allen, Leonie
2016The effects of home energy efficiency upgrades on social housing tenants: Evidence from IrelandCoyne, Bryan; Lyons, Sean; McCoy, Daire
2019An analysis of the effects on Irish hospital care of the supply of care inside and outside the hospitalWalsh, Brendan; Wren, Maev-Ann; Smith, Samantha; Lyons, Sean; Eighan, James; Morgenroth, Edgar
2019Predicting farms' noncompliance with regulations on nitrate pollutionLunn, Pete; Lyons, Sean; Murphy, Martin
2019Geographic profile of healthcare needs and non-acute healthcare supply in IrelandSmith, Samantha; Walsh, Brendan; Wren, Maev-Ann; Barron, Steve; Morgenroth, Edgar; Eighan, James; Lyons, Sean
2021Projections of expenditure for primary, community and long-term care in Ireland, 2019-2035, based on the Hippocrates modelWalsh, Brendan; Keegan, Conor; Brick, Aoife; Connolly, Sheelah; Bergin, Adele; Wren, Maev-Ann; Lyons, Sean; Hill, Leonie; Smith, Samantha
2021Demand for the statutory home care schemeWalsh, Brendan; Lyons, Sean