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2012 Prospects for Services Trade NegotiationsSchott, Jeffrey J.; Lee, Minsoo; Muir, Julia
2012 The relationship between structural change and inequality: A conceptual overview with special reference to developing AsiaAizenman, Joshua; Lee, Minsoo; Park, Donghyun
2013 Economic Impact of Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis on Developing AsiaLee, Minsoo; Park, Donghyun; Abdon, Arnelyn; Estrada, Gemma
2013 Intellectual Property Rights, Quality of Institutions, and Foreign Direct Investment into Developing AsiaLee, Minsoo; Park, Donghyun
2013 Sovereign Risk, Elections, and ContagionLi, Chi; Balding, Christopher; Lee, Minsoo
2013 Invisible Trade Barriers: Trade Effects of US Antidumping Actions Against the People's Republic of ChinaLee, Minsoo; Park, Donghyun; Cui, Aibo
2014 Fiscal Policy And Growth in Developing AsiaAbdon, Arnelyn May; Estrada, Gemma Esther; Lee, Minsoo; Park, Donghyun
2015 Institutional Quality, Trade Openness, and Financial Sector Development in Asia: An Empirical InvestigationLe, Thai-ha; Kim, Jungsuk; Lee, Minsoo
2015 Effectiveness of Macroprudential Policies in Developing Asia: An Empirical AnalysisLee, Minsoo; Asuncion, Ruben Carlo; Kim, Jungsuk
2015 Enhancing Bank Supervision in Asia: Lessons Learned from the Financial CrisisZamorski, Michael J.; Lee, Minsoo
2016 Effects of temperature shocks on economic growth and welfare in AsiaLee, Minsoo; Villaruel, Mai Lin; Gaspar, Raymond
2016 Natural disaster shocks and macroeconomic growth in Asia: Evidence for typhoons and droughtsAlano, Emmanuel; Lee, Minsoo
2017 Impacts of sea level rise on economic growth in developing AsiaAsuncion, Ruben Carlo; Lee, Minsoo
2017 Macroprudential policy frameworks in developing Asian economiesLee, Minsoo; Gaspar, Raymond; Villaruel, Mai Lin C.
2018 Hazard analysis on public-private partnership projects in developing AsiaLee, Minsoo; Han, Xuehui; Quising, Pilipinas; Villaruel, Mai Lin
2018 Deriving macroeconomic benefits from public-private partnerships in developing AsiaLee, Minsoo; Han, Xuehui; Gaspar, Raymond; Alano, Emmanuel