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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Behavioral Modeling in Micro Simulation Models. A SurveyKlevmarken, N. Anders
1997 Time Diary Measures of Investment in Young ChildrenKlevmarken, N. Anders; Stafford, Frank P.
1997 Inequality and Mobility of Wealth in Sweden 1983/84 - 1992/93Bager-Sjögren, Lars; Klevmarken, N. Anders
1998 Statistical Inference in Micro Simulation Models: Incorporating external informationKlevmarken, N. Anders
2001 Micro Simulation - A Tool for Economic AnalysisKlevmarken, N. Anders
2001 On the Wealth Dynamics of Swedish Families 1984-1998Klevmarken, N. Anders
2002 Swedish Pension Reforms in the 1990sKlevmarken, N. Anders
2003 On Household Wealth Trends in Sweden over the 1990sKlevmarken, N. Anders
2003 On household wealth trends in Sweden over the 1990sKlevmarken, N. Anders
2004 Towards an Applicable True Cost-of-Living Index that Incorporates HousingKlevmarken, N. Anders
2004 Estimates of a Labour Supply Function Using Alternative Measures of Hours of WorkKlevmarken, N. Anders
2006 The Distribution of Wealth in Sweden: Trends and Driving factorsKlevmarken, N. Anders
2006 The income of the Swedish baby boomersFlood, Lennart; Klevmarken, N. Anders; Mitrut, Andreea
2007 Simulating the future of the Swedish baby-boom generationsKlevmarken, N. Anders; Bolin, Kristian; Eklöf, Matias; Flood, Lennart; Fransson, Urban; Hallberg, Daniel; Höjgård, Sören; Lindgren, Björn; Mitrut, Andrea; Lagergren, Mårten