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2003 Statements of ECB Officials and their Effect on the Level and Volatility of the Euro-Dollar Exchange RateJansen, David-Jan; de Haan, Jakob
2003 The End of the Stability and Growth Pact?de Haan, Jakob; Berger, Helge; Jansen, David-Jan
2003 The end of stability and growth pact?de Haan, Jakob; Berger, Helge; Jansen, David-Jan
2004 Look who's talking : ECB communication during the first years of EMUJansen, David-Jan; de Haan, Jakob
2006 Does ECB communication help in predicting its interest rate decisions?Jansen, David-Jan; de Haan, Jakob; Schaltegger, Christoph A.
2007 The importance of being vigilant: has ECB communication influenced Euro area inflation expectations?Jansen, David-Jan; de Haan, Jakob
2008 Central Bank communication and monetary policy: a survey of theory and evidenceBlinder, Alan S.; Ehrmann, Michael; de Haan, Jakob; Fratzscher, Marcel; Jansen, David-Jan
2010 How much does the public know about the ECB's monetary policy? Evidence from a survey of Dutch householdsvan der Cruijsen, Carin; Jansen, David-Jan; de Haan, Jakob
2012 The pitch rather than the pit: investor inattention during FIFA world cup matchesEhrmann, Michael; Jansen, David-Jan
2014 It hurts (stock prices) when your team is about to lose a soccer matchEhrmann, Michael; Jansen, David-Jan
2017 Necessity as the mother of invention: Monetary policy after the crisisBlinder, Alan; Ehrmann, Michael; de Haan, Jakob; Jansen, David-Jan
2017 News consumption, political preferences, and accurate views on inflationJansen, David-Jan; Neuenkirch, Matthias
2017 Monetary Policy after the CrisisBlinder, Alan; Ehrmann, Michael; de Haan, Jakob; Jansen, David-Jan
2019 Financial stability and the Fed: evidence from congressional hearingsWischnewsky, Arina; Jansen, David-Jan; Neuenkirch, Matthias