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2004 Estimating the Probability of Leaving Unemployment Using Uncompleted Spells from Repeated Cross-Section DataGüell, Maia; Hu, Luojia
2005 Layoffs, lemons, race and genderHu, Luojia; Taber, Christopher
2007 Displacement, asymmetric information, and heterogeneous human capitalHu, Luojia; Taber, Christopher
2008 Displacement, asymmetric information and heterogeneous human capitalHu, Luojia; Taber, Christopher
2009 Estimation of a transformation model with truncation, interval observation and time-varying covariatesHonoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia
2010 Does sex-selective abortion improve girls' well-being? Evidence from IndiaHu, Luojia; Schlosser, Analía
2011 Estimation of panel data regression models with two-sided censoring or truncationAlan, Sule; Honoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia; Leth-Petersen, Søren
2011 Prenatal sex selection and girls' well-being: Evidence from IndiaHu, Luojia; Schlosser, Analia
2013 Rushing into American dream? House prices, timing of homeownership, and adjustment of consumer creditAgarwal, Sumit; Hu, Luojia; Huang, Xing
2015 Poor (wo)man's bootstrapHonoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia
2015 Simpler bootstrap estimation of the asymptotic variance of U-statistic based estimatorsHonoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia
2016 The effect of the patient protection and affordable care act medicaid expansions on financial wellbeingHu, Luojia; Kaestner, Robert; Mazumder, Bhashkar; Miller, Sarah; Wong, Ashley
2018 Selection without exclusionHonoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia
2018 Easy bootstrap-like estimation of asymptotic variancesHonoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia
2020 Credit score doctorsHu, Luojia; Huang, Xing; Simonov, Andrei
2020 The Covid-19 pandemic and Asian American employmentHonoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia