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1991Price systems in 5 European multinational modelsHenry, Jérôme
2001An area-wide model (AWM) for the euro areaFagan, Gabriel; Henry, Jérôme; Mestre, Ricardo
2001Diffusion index-based inflation forecasts for the euro areaAngelini, Elena; Henry, Jérôme; Mestre, Ricardo
2001A multi-country trend indicator for euro area inflation: computation and propertiesAngelini, Elena; Henry, Jérôme; Mestre, Ricardo
2002Model uncertainty and the equilibrium value of the real effective euro exchange rateDetken, Carsten; Dieppe, Alistair; Henry, Jérôme; Marin, Carmen; Smets, Frank
2003Interpolation and backdating with a large information setAngelini, Elena; Henry, Jérôme; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2004The short-term impact of government budgets on prices: evidence from macroeconomic modelsHenry, Jérôme; Hernández de Cos, Pablo; Momigliano, Sandro
2005Factor analysis in a New-Keynesian modelBeyer, Andreas; Farmer, Roger E. A.; Henry, Jérôme; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2010An area-wide real-time database for the euro areaGiannone, Domenico; Henry, Jérôme; Lalik, Magdalena; Modugno, Michele
2013A macro stress testing framework for assessing systemic risks in the banking sectorHenry, Jérôme; Kok, Christoffer
2017Destabilizing effects of bank overleveraging on real activity: an analysis based on a threshold MCS-GVARGross, Marco; Henry, Jérôme; Semmler, Willi
2019Macroprudential policy at the ECB: Institutional framework, strategy, analytical tools and policiesCabral, Inês; Detken, Carsten; Fell, John P. C.; Henry, Jérôme; Hiebert, Paul; Kapadia, Sujit; Nicoletti-Altimari, Sergio; dos Santos, Fátima P.; Salleo, Carmelo; Constâncio, Vítor