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2013Tariff Liberalization and Trade Integration of Emerging CountriesDisdier, Anne-Célia; Fontagné, Lionel Gérard; Mimouni, Mondher
2013Product Standards and Margins of Trade: Firm Level EvidenceFontagné, Lionel Gérard; Orefice, Gianluca; Piermartini, Roberta; Rocha, Nadia
2014Shipment Frequency of Exporters and Demand UncertaintyBékés, Gabor; Fontagné, Lionel Gérard; Murakozy, Balazs; Vicard, Vincent
2016The Fickle Fringe and the Stable Core: Exporters' Product Mix Across MarketsFontagné, Lionel Gérard; Secchi, Angelo; Tomasi, Chiara
2016Making (Small) Firms Happy. The Heterogeneous Effect of Trade Facilitation MeasuresFontagné, Lionel Gérard; Orefice, Gianluca; Piermartini, Roberta
2016Impact of European Food Safety Border Inspections on Agri-Food Exports: Evidence from Chinese FirmsBeestermöller, Matthias; Disdier, Anne-Célia; Fontagné, Lionel Gérard
2016Let's Try Next Door: Technical Barriers to Trade and Multi-destination FirmsFontagné, Lionel Gérard; Orefice, Gianluca
2018GVCs and the Endogenous Geography of RTAsFontagné, Lionel Gérard; Santoni, Gianluca
2020Product-Level Trade Elasticities: Worth Weighting ForFontagné, Lionel Gérard; Guimbard, Houssein; Orefice, Gianluca
2022From Macro to Micro: Large Exporters Coping with Common ShocksBricongne, Jean-Charles; Carluccio, Juan; Fontagné, Lionel Gérard; Gaulier, Guillaume; Stumpner, Sebastian
2022Heterogeneous Trade Effects of Pre-Shipment InspectionsBeverelli, Cosimo; Braml, Martin T.; Fontagné, Lionel Gérard; Keck, Alexander; Orefice, Gianluca
2022The Economic Impact of Deepening Trade AgreementsFontagné, Lionel Gérard; Rocha, Nadia; Ruta, Michele; Santoni, Gianluca