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2014Sibling Similarity in Family FormationRaab, Marcel; Fasang, Anette Eva; Karhula, Aleksi; Erola, Jani
2014Visualizing Sequences in the Social Sciences: Relative Frequency Sequence PlotsFasang, Anette Eva; Liao, Tim Futing
2015Are there gender differences in family trajectories by education in Finland?Jalovaara, Marika; Fasang, Anette Eva
2015Comment: What’s the Added Value?Fasang, Anette Eva
2016Introduction to special issue on work and family from a life course perspective: In Honor of Karl Ulrich Mayer’s 70th BirthdayAisenbrey, Silke; Fasang, Anette Eva
2016Gendered work-family life courses and financial well-being in retirementMadero-Cabib, Ignacio; Fasang, Anette Eva
2016Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der deutschen Familiensoziologie: Theorien, Daten, MethodenFasang, Anette Eva; Huinink, Johannes; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2016Gender, education, and family life courses in East and West Germany: Insights from new sequence analysis techniquesStruffolino, Emanuela; Studer, Matthias; Fasang, Anette Eva
2017From never partnered to serial cohabitors: union trajectories to childlessnessJalovaara, Marika; Fasang, Anette Eva
2017Complexity in Employment Life Courses in Europe in the Twentieth Century—Large Cross-National Differences but Little Change across Birth CohortsVan Winkle, Zachary; Fasang, Anette Eva
2018Pathways to death: The co-occurrence of physical and mental health in the last years of lifeRaab, Marcel; Fasang, Anette Eva; Hess, Moritz
2018Estimating the Relationship between Time-varying Covariates and Trajectories: The Sequence Analysis Multistate Model ProcedureStuder, Matthias; Struffolino, Emanuela; Fasang, Anette Eva
2018Educational assortative mating and couples’ linked late-life employment trajectoriesVisser, Mark; Fasang, Anette Eva
2018Social location matters: Inequality in work and family life courses at the intersection of gender and raceAisenbrey, Silke; Fasang, Anette Eva
2019Destination as a process: Sibling similarity in early socioeconomic trajectoriesKarhula, Aleksi; Erola, Jani; Raab, Marcel; Fasang, Anette Eva
2022Sequence analysis: Its past, present, and futureLiao, Tim F.; Bolano, Danilo; Brzinsky-Fay, Christian; Cornwell, Benjamin; Fasang, Anette Eva; Helske, Satu; Piccarreta, Raffaella; Raab, Marcel; Ritschard, Gilbert; Struffolino, Emanuela; Studer, Matthias