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2003Mapping sectoral patterns of technological accumulation into the geography of corporate locations: A simple model and some promising evidenceBottazzi, Giulio; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Dosi, Giovanni
2003Endogenous networks in random population gamesFagiolo, Giorgio; Marengo, Luigi; Valente, Marco
2003Exploitation, exploration and innovation in a model of endogenous growth with locally interacting agentsFagiolo, Giorgio; Dosi, Giovanni
2004Do liquidity constraints matter in explaining firm size and growth? Some evidence from the Italian manufacturing industryFagiolo, Giorgio; Luzzi, Alessandra
2004Towards an evolutionary interpretation of aggregate labor markets regularitiesFagiolo, Giorgio; Dosi, Giovanni; Gabriele, Roberto
2005Weird ties? Growth, cycles and firm dynamics in an agent-based model with financial-market imperfectionsNapoletano, Mauro; Delli Gatti, Domenico; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Gallegati, Mauro
2005Segregation in networksFagiolo, Giorgio; Valente, Marco; Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2005Agent-Based Modelling: A Methodology for Neo-Schumpeterian EconomicsPyka, Andreas; Fagiolo, Giorgio
2005A note on equilibrium selection in Polya-Urn coordination gamesFagiolo, Giorgio
2005Minority games, local interactions, and endogenous networksFagiolo, Giorgio; Valente, Marco
2005Segregation in NetworksFagiolo, Giorgio; Valente, Marco; Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2006Are output growth-rate distributions fat-tailed? Some evidence from OECD countriesFagiolo, Giorgio; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea
2006Empirical validation of agent-based models: A critical surveyFagiolo, Giorgio; Windrum, Paul; Moneta, Alessio
2006Animal spirits, lumpy investment and endogenous business cyclesDosi, Giovanni; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Roventini, Andrea
2007Sectoral and geographical specifities in the spatial structure of economic activitiesBottazzi, Giulio; Dosi, Giovanni; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Secchi, Angelo
2007Dynamic models of segregation in small-world networksFagiolo, Giorgio; Valente, Marco; Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2007On approximating the distributions of goodness-of-fit test statistics based on the empirical distribution function: The case of unknown parametersCapasso, Marco; Alessi, Lucia; Barigozzi, Matteo; Fagiolo, Giorgio
2007On the distributional properties of household consumption expenditures: The case of ItalyFagiolo, Giorgio; Alessi, Lucia; Barigozzi, Matteo; Capasso, Marco
2007Dynamic models of segregation in small-world networksFagiolo, Giorgio; Valente, Marco; Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2007Using complex network analysis to assess the evolution of international economic integration: The cases of East Asia and Latin AmericaReyes, Javier; Schiavo, Stefano; Fagiolo, Giorgio