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2005 Long-term effects of a mandatory multistage program: The new deal for young people in the UKDe Giorgi, Giacomo
2006 Indirect effects of an aid program: the case of progresa and consumptionAngelucci, Manuela; De Giorgi, Giacomo
2006 Welfare migration in Europe and the cost of a harmonised social assistanceDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Pellizzari, Michele
2007 Be as careful of the books you read as of the company you keep: evidence on peer effects in educational choicesDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Pellizzari, Michele; Redaelli, Silvia
2009 Village economies and the structure of extended family networksAngelucci, Manuela; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Rangel, Marcos A.; Rasul, Imran
2009 Class size and class heterogeneityDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Pellizzari, Michele; Woolston, William Gui
2009 Extended family networks in rural Mexico: a descriptive analysisAngelucci, Manuela; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Rangel, Marcos A.; Rasul, Imran
2009 Family networks and school enrolment: evidence from a randomized social experimentAngelucci, Manuela; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Rangel, Marcos A.; Rasul, Imran
2011 Understanding social interactions: Evidence from the classroomDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Pellizzari, Michele
2013 Business literacy and development: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in rural MexicoCalderon, Gabriela; Cunha, Jesse M.; De Giorgi, Giacomo
2015 Small firms' formalization: The stick treatmentDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Ploenzke, Matthew; Rahman, Aminur
2015 The price effects of cash versus in-kind transfersCunha, Jesse M.; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Jayachandran, Seema
2015 The gender gap in mathematics: Evidence from a middle-income countryBharadwaj, Prashant; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Hansen, David; Neilson, Christopher
2015 Business cycle fluctuations and the distribution of consumptionDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Gambetti, Luca
2016 Consumption Network EffectsDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Frederiksen, Anders; Pistaferri, Luigi
2018 Bribes vs. Taxes: Market Structure and IncentivesAmodio, Francesco; Choi, Jieun; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Rahman, Aminur
2021 Life-cycle inequality: Blacks and whites differentials in life expectancy, savings, income, and consumptionDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Gambetti, Luca; Naguib, Costanza