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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Strategy and Coherence of a Program of Regional Development: A Methodology for synergy evaluationMancha, Tomas; Garrido, Ruben; Cuadrado-Roura, Juan R.
1998 The growth of business services and the economic cycleCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Rubalcaba, Luis
1999 Real versus virtual growth: An Analysis of regional DynamicsCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Mancha Navarro, Tomas; Garrido Yserte, Ruben
2000 Convergence And Regional Mobility In The European UnionCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Garrido, Ruben; Mancha, Tomas
2002 European integration and regional business cycles - a test for the Spanish caseCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Mancha-Navarro, Tomás; Garrido-Yserte, Rubén
2002 Does tertiarization explain differences in labour market behaviour?: A cross national approach refering to European UnionIglesias-Fernández, Carlos; Llorente-Heras, Raquel; Cuadrado-Roura, Juan R.
2003 Patterns of Fluctuation of Employment in the European Union: National Cycles and Effects of TertiarizationCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Iglesias, Carlos; Llorente, Raquel; Barriopedro, Estela
2004 Sectorial structure, qualitative characteristics and guidelines of labour mobility in the European UnionHeras, Raquel Llorente; Fernández, Carlos Iglesias; Cuadrado-Roura, Juan R.
2004 Economic and Social Cohesion in the EU: a critical approachCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Garrido-Yserte, Rubén; Marcos-Calvo, Miguel Ángel
2006 Does Immigration Contribute to Convergence Among Regional Labour Markets?Cuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Llorente, Raquel; Iglesias, Carlos
2010 Regional productivity growth in European countries. The role of servicesCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Maroto-Sanchez, Andres
2014 Unbalanced Regional Impact of the crisis in Spain. An explorative analysis through structural changes, sectorial specialization and productivityCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Maroto-Sanchez, Andres