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2003 The Brain Drain: Curse or Boon?Commander, Simon; Kangasniemi, Mari; Winters, L. Alan
2004 Must Skilled Migration Be a Brain Drain? : Evidence from the Indian Software IndustryCommander, Simon; Chanda, Rupa; Kangasniemi, Mari; Winters, L. Alan
2004 The Changing Demand for Skills : Evidence from the TransitionCommander, Simon; Kollo, Janos
2004 Regional Unemployment and its Persistence in Transition CountriesBornhorst, Fabian; Commander, Simon
2006 Migrating workers and jobs: a challenge to the European social model?Commander, Simon; Heitmüller, Axel; Tyson, Laura
2006 ICT adoption and productivity in developing countries: new firm level evidence from Brazil and IndiaBasant, Rakesh; Commander, Simon; Harrison, Rupert; Menezes Filho, Naércio Aquino
2007 Do institutions, ownership, exporting and competition explain firm performance? Evidence from 26 transition countriesCommander, Simon; Svejnar, Jan
2010 Institutions and economic performance: What can be explained?Commander, Simon; Nikoloski, Zlatko
2011 Educational scores: How does Russia fare?Amini, Chiara; Commander, Simon
2011 Employment concentration and resource allocation: One-company towns in RussiaCommander, Simon; Nikoloski, Zlatko; Plekhanov, Alexander
2012 Are skills a constraint on firms? New evidence from RussiaCommander, Simon; Denisova, Irina
2012 A Guide to the Political Economy of Reforming Energy SubsidiesCommander, Simon
2013 Migration from Ukraine: Brawn or Brain? New Survey EvidenceCommander, Simon; Nikolaychuk, Olexandr; Vikhrov, Dmytro
2015 Estimating the Size of External Effects of Energy SubsidiesCommander, Simon; Nikoloski, Zlatko; Vagliasindi, Maria
2018 One-company towns: Scale and consequencesCommander, Simon
2018 Political Connections and Firms: Network DimensionsBussolo, Maurizio; Commander, Simon; Poupakis, Stavros
2020 Political Networks across the GlobeCommander, Simon; Poupakis, Stavros