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2001 Firm investment and monetary transmission in the euro areaChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Generale, Andrea; Hernando, Ignacio; Von Kalckreuth, Ulf; Vermeulen, Philip
2001 Investment, the cost of capital, and monetary policy in the nineties in France: a panel data investigationChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Tiomo, André
2002 Structural modelling of investment and financial constraints: Where do we stand?Chatelain, Jean-Bernard
2010 Patents as CollateralChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf, Kirsten; Amable, Bruno
2013 Government Solvency, Austerity and Fiscal Consolidation in the OECD: A Keynesian Appraisal of Transversality and No Ponzi Game ConditionsAzizi, Karim; Canry, Nicolas; Chatelain, Jean-Bernard; Tinel, Bruno
2014 Spurious regressions and near-multicollinearity, with an application to aid, policies and growthChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf, Kirsten
2014 Stability and Identification with Optimal Macroprudential Policy RulesChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf, Kirsten
2014 A finite set of equilibria for the indeterminacy of linear rational expectations modelsChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf, Kirsten
2016 Countercyclical versus Procyclical Taylor PrinciplesChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf Kirsten
2017 Publish and Perish: Creative Destruction and Macroeconomic TheoryChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf, Kirsten
2017 Can we Identify the Fed's Preferences?Chatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf, Kirsten
2017 Hopf Bifurcation from new-Keynesian Taylor rule to Ramsey Optimal PolicyChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf, Kirsten
2017 A Simple Algorithm for Solving Ramsey Optimal Policy with Exogenous Forcing VariablesChatelain, Jean-Bernard; Ralf, Kirsten