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2003 The admission of accession countries to an enlarged monetary union: a tentative assessmentCa' Zorzi, Michele; De Santis, Roberto A.
2005 Welfare implications of joining a common currencyCa' Zorzi, Michele; De Santis, Roberto A.; Zampolli, Fabrizio
2007 Exchange rate pass-through in emerging marketsCa' Zorzi, Michele; Hahn, Elke; Sánchez, Marcelo
2007 Explaining and forecasting euro area exports: which competitiveness indicator performs best?Ca' Zorzi, Michele; Schnatz, Bernd
2008 On the empirical evidence of the intertemporal current account model for the euro area countriesCa' Zorzi, Michele; Rubaszek, Michał
2009 Current account benchmarks for central and eastern Europe: a desperate search?Ca' Zorzi, Michele; Chudik, Alexander; Dieppe, Alistair
2009 Signals from housing and lending boomsBunda, Irina; Ca' Zorzi, Michele
2010 Methodological advances in the assessment of equilibrium exchange ratesBussière, Matthieu; Ca' Zorzi, Michele; Chudik, Alexander; Dieppe, Alistair
2011 Euro area cross-border financial flows and the global financial crisisForster , Katrin; Vasardani, Melina A.; Ca' Zorzi, Michele
2012 Thousands of models, one story: current account imbalances in the global economyChudik, Alexander; Dieppe, Alistair; Ca' Zorzi, Michele
2012 The perils of aggregating foreign variables in panel data modelsCa' Zorzi, Michele; Chudik, Alexander; Dieppe, Alistair
2012 Bayesian analysis of recursive SVAR models with overidentifying restrictionsKociecki, Andrzej; Rubaszek, Michał; Ca' Zorzi, Michele
2013 Spatial considerations on the PPP debateCa' Zorzi, Michele; Chudik, Alexander
2013 Real exchange rate forecasting: a calibrated half-life PPP model can beat the random walkCa' Zorzi, Michele; Muck, Jakub; Rubaszek, Michał
2014 External and macroeconomic adjustment in the larger euro area countriesAngelini, Elena; Ca' Zorzi, Michele; Forster, Katrin
2016 Exchange rate forecasting with DSGE modelsCa' Zorzi, Michele; Kolasa, Marcin; Rubaszek, Michał
2018 Exchange rate forecasting on a napkinCa' Zorzi, Michele; Rubaszek, Michał
2020 Monetary policy and its transmission in a globalised worldCa' Zorzi, Michele; Dedola, Luca; Georgiadis, Georgios; Jaroci´nski, Marek; Stracca, Livio; Strasser, Georg
2020 The predictive power of equilibrium exchange rate modelsCa' Zorzi, Michele; Cap, Adam; Mijakovic, Andrej; Rubaszek, Michał