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2000 Welfare transfers and intra-household trickle-down: A model with evidence from the US Food Stamp programBreunig, Robert; Dasgupta, Indraneel
2002 Assisting the Long-Term Unemployed: Results from a Randomized TrialBreunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Dunlop, Yvonne; Terrill, Marion
2003 A Couples-Based Approach to the Problem of Workless FamiliesCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Ryan, Chris; Breunig, Robert
2005 Improving the modeling of couples' labour supplyBreunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Gong, Xiaodong
2005 Disagreement in partners' reports of financial difficultyBreunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Gong, Xiaodong; Venn, Daniella
2008 Does the effect of incentive payments on survey response rates differ by income support history?Barón, Juan D.; Breunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Gørgens, Tue; Sartbayeva, Anastasia
2010 How responsive is female labour supply to child care costs: New australian estimatesGong, Xiaodong; Breunig, Robert; King, Anthony
2012 Estimating net child care price elasticities of partnered women with pre-school children using a discrete structural labour supply-child care modelGong, Xiaodong; Breunig, Robert
2012 Child care assistance: Are subsidies or tax credits better?Gong, Xiaodong; Breunig, Robert
2013 Channels of Labour Supply Responses of Lone Parents to Changed Work IncentivesGong, Xiaodong; Breunig, Robert
2017 Financial Stress and Indigenous AustraliansBreunig, Robert; Hasan, Syed; Hunter, Boyd
2018 Financial stress and Indigenous AustraliansBreunig, Robert; Hasan, Syed; Hunter, Boyd
2020 Financial Constraints and Small and Medium Enterprises: A ReviewBakhtiari, Sasan; Breunig, Robert; Magnani, Lisa; Zhang, Jacquelyn
2020 Do Financial Constraints Affect the Composition of Workers in a Firm?Breunig, Robert; Hourani, Diana; Bakhtiari, Sasan; Magnani, Elisabetta
2020 Bowling with Trump: Economic Anxiety, Racial Identification, and Well-Being in the 2016 Presidential ElectionFabian, Mark; Breunig, Robert; De Neve, Jan-Emmanuel
2020 Article Length and Citation OutcomesHasan, Syed; Breunig, Robert
2021 Gender Norms and Domestic Abuse: Evidence From AustraliaZhang, Yinjunjie; Breunig, Robert
2022 COVID-19 Private Pension Withdrawals and Unemployment TenuresSainsbury, Tristram; Breunig, Robert; Watson, Timothy