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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Die Einführung der fachkundigen Stellungnahme bei der Ich-AGBraakmann, Nils
2007 Islamistic terror, the war on Iraq and the job prospects of Arab men in Britain: does a country's direct involvement matter?Braakmann, Nils
2007 Differences in the earnings distribution of self- and dependent employed German men: evidence from a quantile regression decomposition analysisBraakmann, Nils
2007 Wirkungen der Beschäftigungspflicht schwerbehinderter Arbeitnehmer: Erkenntnisse aus der Einführung des Gesetzes zur Bekämpfung der Arbeitslosigkeit SchwerbehinderterBraakmann, Nils
2007 Struktur und Erfolg von Ich-AG-Gründungen: Ergebnisse einer Umfrage im ArbeitsagenturbezirkBraakmann, Nils
2007 The impact of September 11th, 2001 on the job prospects of foreigners with Arab background: evidence fom German labor market dataBraakmann, Nils
2008 Crime does pay (at least when it's violent)!: on the compensating wage differentials of high regional crime levelsBraakmann, Nils
2008 Fields of training, plant characteristics and the gender wage gap in entry wages among skilled workers: evidence from German administrative dataBraakmann, Nils
2008 The smoking wage penality in the United Kingdom: regression and matching evidence from the British household survey panelBraakmann, Nils
2008 Non scholae, sed vitae discimus!: the importance of fields of study for the gender wage gap among Germany university graduates during labor market entry and the first years of their careereBraakmann, Nils
2008 Intra-firm wage inequality and firm performance: first evidence from German linked employer-employee-dataBraakmann, Nils
2008 Wirkungen der Beschäftigungspflicht schwerbehinderter Arbeitnehmer: Erkenntnisse aus der Einführung des "Gesetzes zur Bekämpfung der Arbeitslosigkeit Schwerbehinderter"Braakmann, Nils
2009 Other-Regarding Preferences, Spousal Disability and Happiness: Evidence from German CouplesBraakmann, Nils
2009 The Role of Psychological Traits for the Gender Gap in Full-Time Employment and Wages: Evidence from GermanyBraakmann, Nils
2009 Other-regarding preferences, spousal disability and happiness evidence from German couplesBraakmann, Nils
2009 How does economic integration influence employment and wages in border regions? The case of the EU-enlargement 2004 and Germany's Eastern borderBraakmann, Nils; Vogel, Alexander
2009 Are there social returns to both firm-level and regional human capital? Evidence from German social security dataBraakmann, Nils
2009 Labor market adjustments after a large import shock: evidence from the German clothing industry and the Multi-Fibre ArrangementBraakmann, Nils; Wagner, Joachim
2009 The role of psychological traits for the gender gap in full-time employment and wages: evidence from GermanyBraakmann, Nils
2009 Product differentiation and profitability in German manufacturing firmsBraakmann, Nils; Wagner, Joachim