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2017 Modeling concept and analytical dependency between data and goal: A case of Australian AirlinesIzhar, Tengku Adil Tengku; Torabi, Torab; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq
2019 Developments in risk management in Islamic finance: A reviewAl Rahahleh, Naseem M.; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq; Faridah Najuna Misman
2020 The determinants of credit risk: An evidence from ASEAN and GCC Islamic banksFaridah Najuna Misman; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq
2020 The investment performance of ethical equity funds in MalaysiaFadillah Mansor; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq; Rahman, Shafiqur; Do Hung Quang
2021 Do deposit insurance systems promote banking stability?Nafis Alam; Sivarajah, Ganesh; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq
2021 Assessing institutional dynamics of governance compliance in emerging markets: The GCC real estate sectorPillai, Rekha; Al-Malkawi, Husam-Aldin Nizar; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq
2021 Asymmetry and leverage with news impact curve perspective in Australian stock returns' volatility during COVID-19Iqbal, Najam; Manzoor, Muhammad Saqib; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq
2021 Cash holding and firm value in the presence of managerial optimismHabib, Ashfaq; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq; Khan, Muhammad Asif; Azam, Zafar
2021 Towards a new paradigm for statistical evidence in the use of p-valueBhatti, Muhammad Ishaq; Kim, Jae H.
2021 A study on exponentiated Gompertz distribution under Bayesian discipline using informative priorsAslam, Muhammad; Afzaal, Mehreen; Bhatti, Muhammad Ishaq