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2013Joint Land Certification and Intra-household Decision-making:Towards Empowerment of Wives?Holden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2013Unbundling Land Administrative Reform: Demand for Second Stage Land Certification in EthiopiaBezu, Sosina; Holden, Stein
2013Generosity and social distance in dictator game field experiments with and without a faceBezu, Sosina; Holden, Stein T.
2013Land Access and Youth Livelihood Opportunities in Southern EthiopiaHolden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2014Tools, Fertilizer or Cash? Exchange Asymmetries in Productive AssetsHolden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2014Activity Choice in Rural Non-farm Employment (RNFE): Survival versus accumulative strategyBezu, Sosina; Barrett, Christopher B.; Holden, Stein
2014Joint Land Certification, Gendered Preferences, and Land-related Decisions: Are Wives Getting More Involved?Holden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2014Land Valuation and Perceptions of Land Sales Prohibition in EthiopiaHolden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2014Are Wives less Selfish than their Husbands? Evidence from Hawk-Dove Game Field ExperimentsHolden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina
2014Rural-urban youth migration and informal self-employment in EthiopiaBezu, Sosina; Holden, Stein Terje
2015Street based self-employment: A poverty trap or a stepping stone for migrant youth in Africa?Bezu, Sosina; Holden, Stein
2016How pro-poor are land rental markets in Ethiopia?Holden, Stein Terje; Bezu, Sosina; Tilahun, Mesfin