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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Market structure and the diffusion of e-commerce: Evidence from the retail banking industryAllen, Jason; Clark, Robert; Houde, Jean-François
2008 Empirical likelihood block bootstrappingAllen, Jason; Gregory, Allan W.; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2009 Price movements in the Canadian residential mortgage marketAllen, Jason; McVanel, Darcey
2011 Bank loans for private and public firms in a credit crunchAllen, Jason; Paligorova, Teodora
2011 Discounting in mortgage marketsAllen, Jason; Clark, Robert; Houde, Jean-François
2011 Analyzing default risk and liquidity demand during a financial crisis: The case of CanadaAllen, Jason; Hortaçsu, Ali; Kastl, Jakub
2012 Price competition and concentration in search and negotiation markets: Evidence from mortgage lendingAllen, Jason; Clark, Robert; Houde, Jean-François
2012 Price negotiation in differentiated products markets: Evidence from the Canadian mortgage marketAllen, Jason; Clark, Robert; Houde, Jean-François
2012 Consumer bankruptcy and informationAllen, Jason; Damar, H. Evren; Martinez-Miera, David
2012 Efficiency and bargaining power in the interbank loan marketAllen, Jason; Chapman, James; Echenique, Federico; Shum, Matthew
2016 Capital structure, pay structure and job terminationAllen, Jason; Thompson, James R.
2016 The impact of bankruptcy reform on insolvency choice and consumer creditAllen, Jason; Basiri, Kiana
2016 The impact of macroprudential housing finance tools in Canada: 2005 - 10Allen, Jason; Grieder, Timothy; Peterson, Brian; Roberts, Tom