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2005 Understanding co-operative R&D activity: Evidence from four European countriesAbramovsky, Laura; Kremp, Elisabeth; López, Alberto; Simpson, Helen
2005 Outsourcing and offshoring of business services: How important is ICT?Abramovsky, Laura; Griffith, Rachel
2006 University research and the location of business R&DAbramovsky, Laura; Harrison, Rupert; Simpson, Helen
2008 The location of innovative activity in EuropeAbramovsky, Laura; Griffith, Rachel; Macartney, Gareth; Miller, Helen
2009 Geographic proximity and firm-university innovation linkages: Evidence from Great BritainAbramovsky, Laura; Simpson, Helen
2009 ICT, corporate restructuring and productivityAbramovsky, Laura; Griffith, Rachel
2014 Challenges to promoting social inclusion of the extreme poor: Evidence from a large scale experiment in ColombiaAbramovsky, Laura; Attanasio, Orazio; Barron, Kai; Carneiro, Pedro; Stoye, George
2015 A tax micro-simulator for Mexico (MEXTAX) and its application to the 2010 tax reformsAbramovsky, Laura; Phillips, David
2015 Global engagement in R&D: A portrait of biopharmaceutical patenting firmsAbramovsky, Laura
2015 Value added tax policy and the case for uniformity: Empirical evidence from MexicoAbramovsky, Laura; Attanasio, Orazio; Phillips, David
2017 Sustainable total sanitation - Nigeria: Report on the second rapid assessmentAbramovsky, Laura; Augsburg, Britta; Oteiza, Francisco
2017 Sustainable total sanitation - Nigeria: First SanMark impact evaluation reportAbramovsky, Laura; Augsburg, Britta; Oteiza, Francisco
2018 Are corporate tax incentives for investment fit for purpose? Revisiting economic principles and evidence from low- and middle-income countriesAbramovsky, Laura; Bird, Nicolo; Harris, Tom; Tyskerud, Yani; Weldeabzgi, Ataklti; Beyene, Yohannes Abrha; Abrokwah, Edward; Keable-Elliott, India
2018 Community matters: Heterogenous impacts of a sanitation interventionAbramovsky, Laura; Augsburg, Britta; Lührmann, Melanie; Oteiza, Francisco; Rud, Juan Pablo
2019 Sustainable total sanitation - Nigeria: Final research reportAbramovsky, Laura; Augsburg, Britta; Oteiza, Francisco