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2006Political polarization and the size of governmentLindqvist, Erik; Östling, Robert
2006Identity and redistributionLindqvist, Erik; Östling, Robert
2006Organizational structure as the channeling of boundedly rational pre-play communicationEllingsen, Tore; Östling, Robert
2007Field and lab convergence in poissin LUPI gamesÖstling, Robert; Wang, Joseph Tao-yi; Chou, Eileen; Camerer, Colin F.
2008Political Polarization and the Size of GovernmentLindqvist, Erik; Östling, Robert
2008Identity and RedistributionLindqvist, Erik; Östling, Robert
2012Generosity and Political PreferencesDawes, Christopher T.; Johannesson, Magnus; Lindqvist, Erik; Loewen, Peter; Östling, Robert; Bonde, Marianne; Priks, Frida
2015Windfall gains and stock market participationBriggs, Joseph; Cesarini, David; Lindqvist, Erik; Östling, Robert
2015Wealth, Health, and Child Development: Evidence from Administrative Data on Swedish Lottery PlayersCesarini, David; Lindqvist, Erik; Östling, Robert; Wallace, Björn
2015The effect of wealth on individual and household labor supply: Evidence from Swedish lotteriesCesarini, David; Lindqvist, Erik; Notowidigdo, Matthew J.; Östling, Robert
2018Long-run effects of lottery wealth on psychological well-beingLindqvist, Erik; Östling, Robert; Cesarini, David
2020Optimal Trade-Off between Economic Activity and Health during an EpidemicAndersson, Tommy; Erlanson, Albin; Spiro, Daniel; Östling, Robert