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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Detection of locally stationary segments in time series: Algorithms and applicationsLigges, Uwe; Weihs, Claus; Hasse-Becker, Petra
2002 A note on the general solution for a projection matrix in latent factor modelsGroß, Jürgen; Lübke, Karsten; Weihs, Claus
2002 Outliers and influence points in German business cyclesZucknick, Manuela; Weihs, Claus; Garczarek, Ursula
2002 Univariate characterization of the German business cycle 1955-1994Weihs, Claus; Garczarek, Ursula
2002 Stability of multivariate representation of business cycles over timeWeihs, Claus; Garczarek, Ursula
2003 Prediction of notes from vocal time series produced by singing voiceGarczarek, Ursula; Weihs, Claus; Ligges, Uwe
2004 Determination of Relevant Frequencies and Modeling Varying Amplitudes of Harmonic ProcessesTheis, Winfried; Weihs, Claus
2004 Monitoring of the BTA Deep Hole Drilling Process Using Residual Control ChartsWeihs, Claus; Theis, Winfried; Messaoud, Amor; Hering, Franz
2004 From Local to Global Analysis of Music Time SeriesLigges, Uwe; Weihs, Claus
2004 Register Classification by TimbreLigges, Uwe; Reuter, Christoph; Weihs, Claus
2004 Desirability to characterize process capabilityJessenberger, J.; Weihs, Claus
2004 KMC/EDAM : A new approach for the visualization of K-Means Clustering resultsWeihs, Claus; Luebke, Karsten; Raabe, Nils
2004 In Search of Variables Distinguishing Low and High Achievers in Music Sight Reading TaskLigges, Uwe; Weihs, Claus; Kopiez, Reinhard; Lee, Ji In
2004 Identification of Musical Instruments by means of the Hough-TransformationKlefenz, Frank; Röver, Christian; Weihs, Claus
2004 A computer intensive method for choosing the ridge parameterLübke, Karsten; Czogiel, Irina; Weihs, Claus
2004 Statistics, dynamics and quality: Improving BTA-deep-hole drillingTheis, Winfried; Webber, Oliver; Weihs, Claus
2004 Importance Assessment of Correlated Predictors in Business Cycles ClassificationEnache, Daniel; Weihs, Claus
2004 Application and Use of Multivariate Control Charts In a BTA Deep Hole Drilling ProcessHering, Franz; Weihs, Claus; Theis, Winfried; Messaoud, Amor
2004 A Note on the Dimension of the Projection Space in a Latent Factor Regression Model with Application to Business Cycle ClassificationWeihs, Claus; Luebke, Karsten
2004 Lyapunov exponent for stochastic time seriesWeihs, Claus; Busse, Anja M.