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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Cross-border and foreign-affiliate sales of services: Evidence from German micro-dataKelle, Markus; Kleinert, Jörn; Raff, Horst; Toubal, Farid
2013 Trade liberalization, democratization and technology adoptionCervellati, Matteo; Naghavi, Alireza; Toubal, Farid
2013 Intellectual Property Rights, Product Complexity, and the Organization of Multinational FirmsNaghavi, Alireza; Spies, Julia; Toubal, Farid
2014 Knocking on tax haven's door: Multinational firms and transfer pricingDavies, Ronald B.; Martin, Julien; Parenti, Mathieu; Toubal, Farid
2014 Foreign Language Learning: An Econometric AnalysisGinsburgh, Victor; Melitz, Jacques; Toubal, Farid
2014 Knocking on Tax Haven's Door: Multinational Firms and Transfer PricingDavies, Ronald B.; Martin, Julien; Parenti, Mathieu; Toubal, Farid
2015 The Multinational Wage Premium and Wage DynamicsOrefice, Gianluca; Sly, Nicholas; Toubal, Farid
2016 The March of the Techies: Technology, Trade, and Job Polarization in France, 1994-2007Harrigan, James; Reshef, Ariell; Toubal, Farid
2018 Firms, Trade and Profit Shifting: Evidence from Aggregate DataLaffitte, Sébastien; Toubal, Farid
2018 Somatic Distance, Cultural Affinities, Trust and TradeMelitz, Jacques; Toubal, Farid
2020 Corporate Tax Avoidance and Industry ConcentrationMartin, Julien; Parenti, Mathieu; Toubal, Farid
2021 One Nation, One Language? Domestic Language Diversity, Trade and WelfareGurevich, Tamara; Herman, Peter R.; Toubal, Farid; Yotov, Yoto V.