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1985School Expenditures and Enrollments, 1960-1980: The Effects of Income, Price and Population GrowthSchultz, T. Paul
1985Changing World Prices, Women's Wages, and the Fertility Transition: Sweden 1860-1910Schultz, T. Paul
1986The Stability of Household Production Technology: A ReplicationRosenzweig, Mark Richard; Schultz, T. Paul
1986Who Receives Medical Care? Income, Implicit Prices and the Distribution of Medical Services among Pregnant Women in the United StatesRosenzweig, Mark Richard; Schultz, T. Paul
1986Economic Demography and Development: New Directions in an Old fieldSchultz, T. Paul
1986The Fertility Revolution: A Review EssaySchultz, T. Paul
1986The Value and Allocation of Time in High Income Countries: Implications for FertilitySchultz, T. Paul
1987Population Programs: Measuring Their Impact on Fertility and the Personal Distribution of Their EffectsSchultz, T. Paul
1987Education Investments and Returns in Economic DevelopmentSchultz, T. Paul
1989Investment in Women, Economic Development, and Improvements in Health in Low-Income CountriesSchultz, T. Paul
1989Women's Changing Participation in the Labor Force: A World PerspectiveSchultz, T. Paul
1990Testing the Neoclassical Model of Family Labor Supply and FertilitySchultz, T. Paul
1990Assessing Family Planning Cost-Effectiveness: Applicability of Individual Demand-Program Supply FrameworkSchultz, T. Paul
1990Returns to Women's EducationSchultz, T. Paul
1991International Differences in Labor Force Participation in Families and FirmsSchultz, T. Paul
1992Measurement of Returns to Adult Education: Morbidity Effects on Wage Rates in CĂ´ted'Ivoire and GhanaSchultz, T. Paul; Tansel, Aysit
1992The Role of Education and Human Capital in Economic Development: An Empirical AssessmentSchultz, T. Paul
1992An Event History Analysis of Divorce in ChinaZeng Yi; Schultz, T. Paul; Deming, Wang
1992The Relationship between Local Family Planning Expenditures and Fertility in Thailand, 1976-1981Schultz, T. Paul
1993Mortality Decline in the Low Income World: Causes and ConsequencesSchultz, T. Paul