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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Assessing the Value of Museums with a Combined Discrete Choice / Count Data ModelRouwendal, Jan; Boter, Jaap
2006 Do Dutch Musea Compete Or Cooperate?De Graaff, Thomas; Boter, Jaap; Rouwendal, Jan
2007 Recruitment in a Monopsonistic Labour Market: Will Travel Costs be reimbursed?Rouwendal, Jan; van Ommeren, Jos
2007 Housing Supply and Land Use Regulation in the NetherlandsVermeulen, Wouter; Rouwendal, Jan
2007 The Effect of Consumers' Expectations in a Booming Housing MarketRouwendal, Jan; Longhi, Simonetta
2007 Homeownership and Labour Market Behaviour: Interpreting the EvidenceRouwendal, Jan; Nijkamp, Peter
2008 Urban Expansion or Clustered Deconcentration?Vermeulen, Wouter; Rouwendal, Jan
2008 The Information Content of a Stated Choice ExperimentRouwendal, Jan; de Blaeij, Arianne; Rietveld, Piet; Verhoef, Erik
2008 The Costs and Benefits of Providing Open Space in CitiesRouwendal, Jan; van der Straaten, J. Willemijn
2010 Vacation Behaviour: Frequency, Destination Choice and Expenditure Level.Loon, Ruben Van; Rouwendal, Jan; Rietveld, Piet
2010 Homeownership and CommutesRouwendal, Jan; Nijkamp, Peter
2010 Why are the commuting distances of power couples so short? An analysis of the location preferences of households.Straaten, Willemijn Van Der; Rouwendal, Jan
2010 The Impact of Mixed Land Use on Residential Property ValuesKoster, Hans R.A.; Rouwendal, Jan
2010 Give or take? Rewards vs. Charges for a Congested BottleneckRouwendal, Jan; Verhoef, Erik T.; Knockaert, Jasper
2010 Homeownership and Demand for Long-Term CareRouwendal, Jan; Thomese, Fleur
2010 Bottleneck Congestion: Differentiating the Coarse ChargeKnockaert, Jasper; Verhoef, Erik T.; Rouwendal, Jan
2011 Cultural Heritage and the Location Choice of Dutch Households in a Residential Sorting ModelDuijn, Mark Van; Rouwendal, Jan
2011 The Willingness to pay for Quality Aspects of Durables: Theory and Application to the Car MarketMulalic, Ismir; Rouwendal, Jan
2012 Social interaction and the spatial concentration of criminalityde Graaff, Thomas; Rouwendal, Jan; Bernasco, Wim; Steenbeek, Wouter
2012 The demand for mortgage debt, increases in house prices and the elderly home equity puzzleRouwendal, Jan; de Graaf, Marcus