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2012 Real exchange rates and the long-run effects of aggregate demand in economies with underemploymentSkott, Peter; Rapetti, Martin; Razmi, Arslan
2013 Accumulation, Structural Change, and External Balances in a World with Internationally Traded Environmental AssetsRazmi, Arslan
2013 Correctly Analyzing the Balance of Payments Constraint on GrowthRazmi, Arslan
2013 Environmental Macroeconomics: Simple Stylized Frameworks for Short-Run AnalysisRazmi, Arslan
2014 Re-Distribution, Aggregate Demand, and Growth in an Open Economy: The Crucial Interaction of Portfolio Considerations and External Account ConstraintsRazmi, Arslan
2015 The limits to wage-led growth in a low-income economyRazmi, Arslan
2015 Is the nature of the demand regime relevant over the medium run? Some thoughts on the dynamic interaction between the exchange rate and demand regimesRazmi, Arslan
2015 Growth and distribution in low income economies: Modifying post Keynesian analysis in light of theory and historyRazmi, Arslan
2017 Is planet earth as a whole likely to be wage-led?Razmi, Arslan
2017 Sustained investment surgesLibman, Emiliano; Montecino, Juan Antonio; Razmi, Arslan
2018 Montenegro's unilateral euroizationRazmi, Arslan
2018 The real exchange rate policy trilemma in developing economiesRazmi, Arslan
2018 Politics-driven exchange rate cycles: East Asia vs. Latin AmericaRazmi, Arslan
2019 Capital inflows, sustained investment surges, and the role of external economies of scale in a developing economyRazmi, Arslan
2019 Walking the tightrope of real exchange rate policy for development: The roles of targets, instruments, and saving ratesRazmi, Arslan
2020 The real exchange rate and development: Theory, evidence, issues, and challengesDemir, Firat; Razmi, Arslan
2020 Some short-run macroeconomic considerations as society deals with a once-in-generations pandemicRazmi, Arslan