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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1976 Growth and Distribution: Tradeoffs or ComplementsRanis, Gustav
1976 Development Theory at Three Quarters CenturyRanis, Gustav
1977 Science, Technology and Development: A Retrospective ViewRanis, Gustav
1977 Equity with Growth in Taiwan: How 'Special' is the 'Special Case'?Ranis, Gustav
1978 Technology Choice and Employment in Developing Countries: A Synthesis of Economic GrowthCenter ResearchRanis, Gustav
1980 Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Asia's Super Exporters: Implications for Manufactured Exports from Latin AmericaRanis, Gustav
1980 Employment and Income Distribution Constraints in Latin AmericaRanis, Gustav
1981 Lewis and the ClassicistsRanis, Gustav; Fei, John C. H.
1981 Basic Needs, Distribution and Growth: The Beginnings of a FrameworkRanis, Gustav
1982 Determinants and Consequences of Indigenous Technological ActivityRanis, Gustav
1983 Typology in Development Theory: Retrospective and ProspectsRanis, Gustav
1986 The Role of Institutions in Transition Growth: The East Asian NIC'sRanis, Gustav
1987 Towards a Model of Development for the Natural Resources Poor EconomyRanis, Gustav
1989 Macro Policies, the Terms of Trade and the Spatial Dimension of Balanced GrowthRanis, Gustav
1990 The Dynamics of Rural Development: Theory and ApplicationRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances
1993 Labor Markets, Human Capital, and Development Performance in East AsiaRanis, Gustav
1994 V-Goods and the Role of the Urban Informal Sector in DevelopmentRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances
1994 The World Bank Near the Turn of the CenturyRanis, Gustav
1996 Successes and Failures of Development Experience Since the 1980sRanis, Gustav
1996 The Trade-Growth Nexus in Taiwan's DevelopmentRanis, Gustav