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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 The socioeconomic determinants of mental stress in IrelandMadden, David
2012 Methods for studying dominance and inequality in population healthMadden, David
2012 The relationship between low birthweight and socioeconomic status in IrelandMadden, David
2013 The poverty effects of a "Fat-Tax" in IrelandMadden, David
2013 Born to win? The role of circumstances and luck in early childhood health inequalitiesMadden, David
2013 Winners and losers on the roller-coaster: Ireland, 2003 - 2011Madden, David
2013 Health and wealth on the roller-coaster: Ireland, 2003-2011Madden, David
2013 Self-reported and measured BMI in Ireland: Should we adjust the obesity thresholds?Madden, David
2014 A formal investigation of inequalities in health behaviours after age 50 on the Island of IrelandHudson, Eibhlin; Madden, David; Mosca, Irene
2014 Bridging the gaps: Inequalities in childrens' educational outcomes in IrelandMadden, David
2015 Which households matter most? Capturing equity considerations in tax reform via generalised social marginal welfare weightsMadden, David; Savage, Michael
2015 Do schooling reforms also improve long-run health?Madden, David
2016 Do schooling reforms improve long-term health?Madden, David
2016 Childhood obesity and maternal education in IrelandMadden, David
2016 Child and adolescent obesity in Ireland: A longitudinal perspectiveMadden, David
2016 The base of party political support in Ireland: A new approachMadden, David
2017 Mind the gap: Revisiting the concentration index for overweightMadden, David
2018 Changes in BMI in a cohort of Irish children: Some decompositions and counterfactualsMadden, David