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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Optimal Public Harvesting in an Economy with Multiple-Use ForestryKoskela, Erkki; Ollikainen, Markku
2002Optimal Capital Taxation in Economies with Unionised and Competitive Labour MarketsKoskela, Erkki; Schöb, Ronnie
2002The Economic Crisis of the 1990s in FinlandHonkapohja, Seppo; Koskela, Erkki
2002Irreversible Investment under Interest Rate Variability: New ResultsAlvarez, Luis H. R.; Koskela, Erkki
2002Saddles, indeterminacy and bifurcations in an overlapping generations economy with a renewable resourceKoskela, Erkki; Ollikainen, Markku; Puhakka, Mikko
2002Forest Rotations and Stand Interdependency: Ownership Structure and Timing of DecisionsAmacher, Gregory S.; Koskela, Erkki; Ollikainen, Markku
2002Optimal factor taxation under wage bargaining: a dynamic perspectiveKoskela, Erkki; von Thadden, Leopold
2002Equilibrium Unemployment and Credit Market Imperfections: The Critical Role of Labour MobilityKoskela, Erkki; Stenbacka, Rune
2003Quality competition and social welfare in markets with partial coverage: New resultsAmacher, Gregory S.; Koskela, Erkki; Ollikainen, Markku
2003Government size and output volatility: New international evidenceKoskela, Erkki; Viren, Matti
2003A behavioral and welfare analysis of progressive forest taxationKoskela, Erkki; Ollikainen, Markku
2003Stabilizing Competitive Cycles with Distortionary TaxationKoskela, Erkki; Puhakka, Mikko
2003Equilibrium Unemployment Under Negotiated Profit SharingKoskela, Erkki; Stenbacka, Rune
2003Optimal Factor Taxation under Wage Bargaining - A Dynamic PerspectiveKoskela, Erkki; von Thadden, Leopold
2003Equilibrium unemployment under negotiated profit sharingKoskela, Erkki; Stenbacka, Rune
2003A General Approach to the Stochastic Rotation Problem with Amenity ValuationAlvarez, Luis H. R.; Koskela, Erkki
2003Irreversible investment under interest rate variability: Some generalizationsAlvarez, Luis H.R.; Koskela, Erkki
2003On the Tree-Cutting Problem under Interest Rate and Forest Value UncertaintyAlvarez, Luis H. R.; Koskela, Erkki
2003On forest rotation undet interest rate variabilityAlvarez, Luis H.R.; Koskela, Erkki
2003The Un-Intended Convergence: How the Finnish Unemployment Reached the European LevelKoskela, Erkki; Uusitalo, Roope