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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006Contributions of Zvi GrilichesHeckman, James Joseph
2006Economic, neurobiological and behavioral perspectives on building America's future workforceKnudsen, Eric I.; Heckman, James Joseph; Cameron, Judy L.; Shonkoff, Jack P.
2007The technology of skill formationCunha, Flavio; Heckman, James Joseph
2007The productivity argument for investing in young childrenHeckman, James Joseph; Masterov, Dimitriy V.
2007The economics, technology and neuroscience of human capability formationHeckman, James Joseph
2007The identification and economic content of ordered choice models with stochastic thresholdsCunha, Flavio; Heckman, James Joseph; Navarro, Salvador
2007The American high school graduation rate: trends and levelsHeckman, James Joseph; LaFontaine, Paul A.
2007The evolution of inequality, heterogeneity and uncertainty in labor earnings in the US economyCunha, Flavio; Heckman, James Joseph
2007A new framework for the analysis of inequalityCunha, Flavio; Heckman, James Joseph
2008Earnings functions and rates of returnHeckman, James Joseph; Lochner, Lance J.; Todd, Petra E.
2008The economics and psychology of personality traitsBorghans, Lex; Duckworth, Angela Lee; Heckman, James Joseph; ter Weel, Bas
2008Schools, skills, and synapsesHeckman, James Joseph
2008The effect of prayer on god's attitude toward mankindHeckman, James Joseph
2008Taking the easy way out: how the GED testing program induces students to drop outHeckman, James Joseph; LaFontaine, Paul A.; RodrĂ­guez, Pedro L.
2008Econometric causalityHeckman, James Joseph
2008Instrumental variables in models with multiple outcomes: the general unordered caseHeckman, James Joseph; UrzĂșa, Sergio; Vytlacil, Edward
2009Nonparametric identification and stimation of nonadditive hedonic ModelsHeckman, James Joseph; Matzkin, Rosa Liliana; Nesheim, Lars
2009Policies to create and destroy human capital in EuropeHeckman, James Joseph; Jacobs, Bas
2009Evaluating marginal policy changes and the average effect of treatment for individuals at the marginCarneiro, Pedro; Heckman, James Joseph; Vytlacil, Edward
2009The economics and psychology of inequality and human developmentCunha, Flavio; Heckman, James Joseph