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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011The price of liquidity: the effects of market conditions and bank characteristicsFecht, Falko; Nyborg, Kjell G.; Rocholl, Jörg
2011Substitution between net and gross settlement systems: A concern for financial stability?Craig, Ben; Fecht, Falko
2012Financial integration, specialization and systemic riskFecht, Falko; Grüner, Hans Peter; Hartmann, Philipp
2012Relationship lending in the interbank market and the price of liquidityBräuning, Falk; Fecht, Falko
2013Is proprietary trading detrimental to retail investors?Fecht, Falko; Hackethal, Andreas; Karabulut, Yigitcan
2013The role of interbank relationships and liquidity needsCraig, Ben R.; Fecht, Falko; Tümer-Alkan, Günseli
2013Banks, Markets, and Financial StabilityFecht, Falko; Eder, Armin; Pausch, Thilo
2013How stressed are banks in the interbank market?Abbassi, Puriya; Fecht, Falko; Weber, Patrick
2014Banks, markets, and financial stabilityEder, Armin; Fecht, Falko; Pausch, Thilo
2015Euro money market trading during times of crisisFecht, Falko; Reitz, Stefan
2015A theory of the boundaries of banks with implications for financial integration and regulationFecht, Falko; Inderst, Roman; Pfeil, Sebastian
2015On the role of market makers for money market liquidity and tensionsFecht, Falko; Reitz, Stefan; Weber, Patrick
2015The intraday interest rate: What's that?Abbassi, Puriya; Fecht, Falko; Tischer, Johannes
2016Relationship lending in the interbank market and the price of liquidityBräuning, Falk; Fecht, Falko
2016How central is central counterparty clearing? A deep dive into a European repo market during the crisisEbner, André; Fecht, Falko; Schulz, Alexander
2018International financial integration, crises and monetary policy: evidence from the Euro area interbank crisesAbbassi, Puriya; Bräuning, Falk; Fecht, Falko; Peydró, José-Luis
2018Dealer behaviour in the Euro money market during times of crisisFecht, Falko; Reitz, Stefan
2019What We Can Learn from the Introduction of Blanket Deposit Guarantees in Germany 2008 about the Benefits of EDISFecht, Falko; Weber, Patrick
2019The fire-sale channels of universal banks in the European sovereign debt crisisBagattini, Giulio; Fecht, Falko; Weber, Patrick
2019Fear, deposit insurance schemes, and deposit reallocation in the German banking systemFecht, Falko; Thum, Stefan; Weber, Patrick