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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Does it matter how people speak?Chong, Alberto
2006 Redistributional preferences and imposed institutionsChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006 Is the world flat? Or do countries still matter?Chong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006 Policy volatility and growthChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006 Who's Afraid of Foreign Aid? The Donors' PerspectiveChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006 Barriers to exitChong, Alberto; León, Gianmarco
2006 Training quality and earnings: The effects of competition on the provision of public-sponsored training programsChong, Alberto; Galdo, José
2006 Is It Possible to Speak English Without Thinking American? On Globalization and the Determinants of Cultural AssimilationChong, Alberto
2006 Rent Seeking and Democracy in Latin America: What Drives What?Calderón, César; Chong, Alberto
2006 Corporate Governance and Firm Value in MexicoChong, Alberto; Lopez-de-Silanes, Florencio
2006 Political Environment and Privatization PricesChong, Alberto; Riaño, Alejandro
2006 Institutional enforcement, labor-market rigidities, and economic performanceCalderón, César; Chong, Alberto; León, Gianmarco
2006 Does Foreign Aid Help Reduce Income Inequality?Calderón, Ma. Cecilia; Chong, Alberto
2006 On Foreign Participation and Hiring Patterns After PrivatizationGaldo, Virgilio; Chong, Alberto
2006 Who's afraid of foreign aid?: the donors' perspectiveChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2007 Informality and productivity in the labor market: Peru 1986-2001Chong, Alberto; Galdo, José; Saavedra, Jaime
2007 Institutional quality and government efficiencyChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2007 Corporate governance in Latin AmericaChong, Alberto; López-de-Silanes, Florencio
2007 Money laundering and its regulationsChong, Alberto; López-de-Silanes, Florencio
2007 On the determinants and effects of political influenceChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark