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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Information acquisition and financial intermediationBoyarchenko, Nina
2012 No good deals - no bad modelsBoyarchenko, Nina; Cerrato, Mario; Crosby, John; Hodges, Stewart
2012 Intermediary leverage cycles and financial stabilityAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina
2013 Intermediary balance sheetsAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina
2013 Liquidity policies and systemic riskAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina
2014 Counterparty risk in material supply contractsBoyarchenko, Nina; Costello, Anna M.
2014 Understanding Mortgage SpreadsBoyarchenko, Nina; Fuster, Andreas; Lucca, David O.
2015 The cyclicality of leverageAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina; Shin, Hyun-Song
2015 Intermediaries as information aggregators: An application to US treasury auctionsBoyarchenko, Nina; Lucca, David O.; Veldkamp, Laura
2016 Dealer balance sheets and bond liquidity provisionAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina; Shachar, Or
2016 Trends in credit market arbitrageBoyarchenko, Nina; Gupta, Pooja; Steele, Nick; Yen, Jacqueline
2016 The Federal Reserve and market confidenceBoyarchenko, Nina; Haddad, Valentin; Plosser, Matthew C.
2016 Term structures of asset prices and returnsBackus, David; Boyarchenko, Nina; Chernov, Mikhail
2016 Vulnerable growthAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina; Giannone, Domenico
2018 Credit market choiceBoyarchenko, Nina; Costello, Anna M.; Shachar, Or
2018 Bank-intermediated arbitrageBoyarchenko, Nina; Eisenbach, Thomas M.; Gupta, Pooja; Shachar, Or; Van Tassel, Peter
2018 Flighty liquidityBoyarchenko, Nina; Giannone, Domenico; Shachar, Or
2019 Corporate credit provisionBoyarchenko, Nina; Mueller, Philippe
2019 Multimodality in macro-financial dynamicsAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina; Giannone, Domenico
2019 The long and short of it: The post-crisis corporate CDS marketBoyarchenko, Nina; Costello, Anna M.; Shachar, Or