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2015Pairwise Kidney Exchange with Blood-Group IncompatibilityAndersson, Tommy
2015Transferring Ownership of Public Housing to Existing Tenants: A Market Design ApproachAndersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars; Svensson, Lars-Gunnar
2015Strategy-Proof House Allocation with Price RestrictionsAndersson, Tommy; Svensson, Lars-Gunnar
2016Kidney Exchange over the Blood Group BarrierAndersson, Tommy; Kratz, Jörgen
2016Assigning Refugees to Landlords in Sweden: Efficient Stable Maximum MatchingsAndersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars
2017Refugee Matching as a Market Design ApplicationAndersson, Tommy
2018Sequential School Choice with Public and Private SchoolsAndersson, Tommy; Dur, Umut; Ertemel, Sinan; Kesten, Onur
2018Organizing time banks: Lessons from matching marketsAndersson, Tommy; Cseh, Ágnes; Ehlers, Lars H.; Erlanson, Albin
2018Strategy-Proof Allocation of Objects RevisitedAndersson, Tommy; Svensson, Lars-Gunnar
2018Dynamic Refugee MatchingAndersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars; Martinello, Alessandro
2018Seeking No War, Achieving No Peace: The Conflict over the Siachen GlacierAndersson, Tommy; Mukherjee, Conan
2019Organizing Time Banks: Lessons from Matching MarketsAndersson, Tommy; Csehz, Ágnes; Ehlers, Lars; Erlanson, Albin
2020Optimal Trade-Off between Economic Activity and Health during an EpidemicAndersson, Tommy; Erlanson, Albin; Spiro, Daniel; Östling, Robert
2020Placement Optimization in Refugee ResettlementTrapp, Andrew C.; Teytelboym, Alexander; Martinello, Alessandro; Andersson, Tommy; Ahani, Narges
2020Non-Manipulable House Exchange under (Minimum) Equilibrium PricesAndersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars; Svensson, Lars-Gunnar
2021Gale's Fixed Tax for Exchanging HousesAndersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars; Svensson, Lars-Gunnar; Tierney, Ryan
2021An Algorithm for Identifying Least Manipulable Envy-Free and Budget-Balanced Allocations in Economies with IndivisibilitiesAndersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars
2022Status quo bias and hidden condorcet cycles in binary referendumsAndersson, Tommy
2022Multiple Pricing for Personal Assistance ServicesAndersson, Tommy; Ellegård, Lina Maria; Enache, Andreea; Erlanson, Albin; Thami, Prakriti
2022School ChoiceAbdulkadiroglu, Atila; Andersson, Tommy