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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Illegal markets boundaries and interfaces between legality and illegalityMayntz, Renate
2016 Group representation for the working class? Opinion differences among occupational groups in GermanyElsässer, Lea; Schäfer, Armin
2016 Permanent budget surpluses as a fiscal regimeHaffert, Lukas
2016 Porous borders: The study of illegal markets from a sociological perspectiveDewey, Matías
2015 Bringing power back in: A review of the literature on the role of business in welfare state politicsPaster, Thomas
2015 Culture's influence regionally differing social milieus and variations in fertility ratesFulda, Barbara
2015 Das Komplexitätssyndrom: Gesellschaftliche 'Komplexität' als intellektuelle und politische Herausforderung in den 1970er-JahrenLeendertz, Ariane
2015 Empowered or disempowered? The role of national parliaments during the reform of European economic governanceMaatsch, Aleksandra
2015 Quality of government and the relationship between natural disasters and child poverty: A comparative analysisDaoud, Adel; Halleröd, Björn; Guha Sapir, Debarati
2015 The rise of the European consolidation stateStreeck, Wolfgang
2015 Politics as organized combat: New players and new rules of the game in SwedenSvallfors, Stefan
2015 How the eurobarometer blurs the Line between research and propagandaHöpner, Martin; Jurczyk, Bojan
2015 Diskretionäre Wechselkursregime: Erfahrungen aus dem Europäischen Währungssystem, 1979-1998Höpner, Martin; Spielau, Alexander
2015 The enduring importance of family wealth: Evidence from the Forbes 400, 1982 to 2013Korom, Philipp; Lutter, Mark; Beckert, Jens
2015 Constructing quality: Producer power, market organization, and the politics of high value-added marketsCarter, Elizabeth
2014 Who becomes a tenured professor, and why? Panel data evidence from German sociology, 1980-2013Lutter, Mark; Schröder, Martin
2014 Falsche Werte: Nachfrage nach ModeplagiatenWehinger, Frank
2014 Europe meets Asia: The transnational construction of access and voice from belowZajak, Sabrina
2014 Neoliberalism without neoliberals: Evidence from the rise of 401(k) retirement plansMcCarthy, Michael A.
2014 Ökonomisierung und moralischer Wandel: Die Ausweitung von Marktbeziehungen als Prozess der moralischen Bewertung von GüternAkyel, Dominic
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 294
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