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DateTitle Authors
2014 One currency and many modes of wage formation: Why the eurozone is too heterogeneous for the euroHöpner, Martin / Lutter, Mark
2014 Ökonomisierung und moralischer Wandel: Die Ausweitung von Marktbeziehungen als Prozess der moralischen Bewertung von GüternAkyel, Dominic
2014 Neoliberalism without neoliberals: Evidence from the rise of 401(k) retirement plansMcCarthy, Michael A.
2014 The socially responsible company as a strategic second-order observer: An Indian caseKrichewsky, Damien
2014 Creative success and network embeddedness: Explaining critical recognition of film directors in Hollywood, 1900-2010Lutter, Mark
2014 The return of religion? The paradox of faith-based welfare provision in a secular ageHien, Josef
2014 Capitalist dynamics fictional expectations and the openness of the futureBeckert, Jens
2014 Pathways of transnational activism: A conceptual frameworkZajak, Sabrina
2014 Wie der Europäische Gerichtshof und die Kommission Liberalisierung durchsetzen: Befunde aus der MPIfG-Forschungsgruppe zur Politischen Ökonomie der europäischen IntegrationHöpner, Martin
2014 No exit from the euro-rescuing trap?Scharpf, Fritz W.
2014 Wine as a cultural product: Symbolic capital and price formation in the wine fieldBeckert, Jens / Rössel, Jörg / Schenk, Patrick
2014 Crisis and the emergence of illicit markets: A pragmatist view on economic action outside the lawDewey, Matías
2014 Markt oder Staat? Kooperationsprobleme in der Europäischen UnionMayntz, Renate
2014 Europe meets Asia: The transnational construction of access and voice from belowZajak, Sabrina
2013 From austerity to expansion? Consolidation, budget surpluses, and the decline of fiscal capacityHaffert, Lukas / Mehrtens, Philip
2013 Political legitimacy in a non-optimal currency areaScharpf, Fritz W.
2013 Tax competition in the eurozone: Capital mobility, agglomeration, and the small country disadvantageRademacher, Inga
2013 Financial market regulation in the shadow of the sovereign debt crisisMayntz, Renate
2013 The effectiveness of transnational non-state governance: The role of domestic regulations and compliance assessment in practiceMalets, Olga
2013 Wirtschaftsnationalismus im Wandel der Zeit: Der politische Diskurs um ausländische Unternehmensübernahmen in Großbritannien seit den 1950er-JahrenCallaghan, Helen / Hees, Alexandra
2013 Mechanisms of institutional continuity in neoliberal "success stories": Developmental regimes in Chile and EstoniaMadariaga, Aldo
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