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DateTitle Authors
2012 The returns to education for opportunity entrepreneurs, necessity entrepreneurs, and paid employeesFossen, Frank M. / Büttner, Tobias J. M.
2012 The making of America's imbalancesSchularick, Moritz / Wachtel, Paul
2012 Task dependence of U.S. service offshoring patternsPüschel, Julia
2012 Adaptation, Anticipation-bias and optimal income taxationAronsson, Thomas / Schöb, Ronnie
2012 Nationale Schuldenbremsen für die Länder der Europäischen Union: Taugt das deutsche Modell als Vorbild?Hetschko, Clemens / Quint, Dominic / Thye, Marius
2012 Does consumption decline at retirement? Evidence from repeated cross-section data for GermanyBeznoska, Martin / Steiner, Viktor
2012 Are remittances a substitute for credit? Carrying the financial burden of health shocks in national and transnational householdsAmbrosius, Christian
2012 Regional payment systems: A comparative perspective on Europe and the developing worldFritz, Barbara / Biancareli, André / Mühlich, Laurissa
2012 Risk attitudes and private business equityFossen, Frank M.
2012 Are remittances a "catalyst" for financial access? Evidence from Mexican household dataAmbrosius, Christian
2012 Distributional effects of the European Emissions Trading System and the role of revenue recycling: Empirical evidence from combined industry- and household-level dataCludius, Johanna / Beznoska, Martin / Steiner, Viktor
2012 Differential taxation and firms' financial leverage: Evidence from the introduction of a flat tax on interest incomeFossen, Frank / Simmler, Martin
2012 Labor market integration of migrants: Hidden costs and benefits in two-tier welfare statesKönig, Jan / Skupnik, Christoph
2012 Gaining insight into membership strategy: Competitive advantage by shaping institutionsBrandt, Thiemo / Bresser, Rudi K. F.
2012 Anglo-Dutch premium auctions in eighteenth-century Amsterdamvan Bochove, Christiaan / Boerner, Lars / Quint, Daniel
2012 Preferences for redistribution around the worldNeher, Frank
2011 A note on the taxation of couples under income uncertaintyCorneo, Giacomo
2011 Markets wanted: Expectation overshooting in transitionNeher, Frank
2011 Monetäre Stabilität unter Unsicherheit: Eine Analyse aus der Perspektive der Vermögensmarkttheorie und HandlungstheorieMuchlinski, Elke
2011 Foreign aid and revenue response: An examination of joint General Budget SupportKnoll, Martin
2011 Monetary policy and unemployment in open economiesEngler, Philipp
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