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DateTitle Authors
2000 How stable is the predictive power of the yield curve? Evidence from Germany and the United StatesEstrella, Arturo / Rodrigues, Anthony P. / Schich, Sebastian
2000 Pass-through of exchange rates and import prices to domestic inflation in some industrialized economiesMacCarthy, Jonathan
2000 Beggar-thy-neighbor or beggar-thyself? The income effect of exchange rate fluctuationsTille, Cédric
2000 Compositional dynamics and the performance of the US banking industryStiroh, Kevin J.
2000 Banks' reserve management, transaction costs, and the timing of federal reserve interventionBartolini, Leonardo / Bertola, Giuseppe / Prati, Alessandro
2000 Day-to-day monetary policy and the volatility of the federal funds interest rateBartolini, Leonardo / Bertola, Giuseppe / Prati, Alessandro
2000 Is the integration of world asset markets necessarily beneficial in the presence of monetary shocks?Tille, Cédric
2000 Bank integration and business volatilityMorgan, Donald / Rime, Bertrand / Strahan, Philip
2000 Bank commitment relationships, cash flow constraints, and liquidity managementMorgan, Donald P.
2000 Factor supplies and specialization in the world economyHarrigan, James / Zakrajések, Egon
2001 Information technology and the US productivity revival: What do the industry data say?Stiroh, Kevin J.
2001 Common determinants of bond and stock market liquidity: The impact of financial crises, monetary policy, and mutual fund flowsChordia, Tarun / Sarkar, Asani / Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar
2001 Recent changes in the US business cycleChauvet, Marcelle / Potter, Simon
2001 A primer on the economics and time series econometrics of wealth effects: A commentLettau, Martin / Ludvigson, Sydney / Barczi, Nathan
2001 Structural change in US wage determinationRich, Robert W. / Rissmiller, Donald
2001 One reason countries pay their debts: Renegotiation and international tradeRose, Andrew K.
2001 Gender differences in the labor market effects of the dollarGoldberg, Linda / Tracy, Joseph
2001 Is equipment price deflation a statistical artifact?Hobijn, Bart
2001 Idiosyncratic risk and volatility bounds, or can models with idiosyncratic risk solve the equity premium puzzle?Lettau, Martin
2001 Exchange rates and wagesGoldberg, Linda / Tracy, Joseph
2001 The overnight interbank market: Evidence from the G-7 and the euro zonePrati, Alessandro / Bartolini, Leonardo / Bertola, Giuseppe
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