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DateTitle Authors
2011 Real estate investors, the leverage cycle, and the housing market crisisHaughwout, Andrew / Lee, Donghoon / Tracy, Joseph / van der Klaauw, Wilbert
2011 Central bank transparency, the accuracy of professional forecasts, and interest rate volatilityMiddeldorp, Menno
2011 The macroeconomic effects of large-scale asset purchase programsChen, Han / C├║rdia, Vasco / Ferrero, Andrea
2011 Responses to the financial crisis, treasury debt, and the impact on short-term money marketsHrung, Warren B. / Seligman, Jason S.
2011 Mapping change in the federal funds marketBech, Morten L. / Bergstrom, Carl T. / Garratt, Rodney J. / Rosvall, Martin
2011 Is there an S&P 500 Index effect?Kasch, Maria / Sarkar, Asani
2012 An empirical study of trade dynamics in the fed funds marketAfonso, Gara / Lagos, Ricardo
2012 Defaults and losses on commercial real estate bondsWiggers, Tyler / Ashcraft, Adam B.
2012 How deeply held are anti-American attitudes among Pakistani youth? Evidence using experimental variation in informationDelavande, Adeline / Zafar, Basit
2012 Leverage and asset prices: An experimentCipriani, Marco / Fostel, Ana / Houser, Daniel
2012 Is increased price flexibility stabilizing? ReduxBhattarai, Saroj / Eggertsson, Gauti / Schoenle, Raphael
2012 House price booms, current account deficits, and low interest ratesFerrero, Andrea
2012 Trade dynamics in the market for federal fundsAfonso, Gara / Lagos, Ricardo
2012 Corporate governance of financial institutionsMehran, Hamid / Mollineaux, Lindsay
2012 Optimal target criteria for stabilization policyGiannoni, Marc P. / Woodford, Michael
2012 Securities lendingLipson, Paul C. / Sabel, Bradley K. / Keane, Frank M.
2012 The private premium in public bondsKovner, Anna / Wei, Chenyang
2012 Optimal interest rate rules and inflation stabilization versus price-level stabilizationGiannoni, Marc P.
2012 Heterogeneous inflation expectations, learning, and market outcomesMadeira, Carlos / Zafar, Basit
2012 Long-term debt pricing and monetary policy transmissionEusepi, Stefano / Giannoni, Marc / Preston, Bruce
2012 Shadow banking regulationAdrian, Tobias / Ashcraft, Adam B.
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