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DateTitle Authors
2014 Immigrant fertility in Germany: The role of cultureCygan-Rehm, Kamila
2014 Maternity leave and its consequences for subsequent careers in GermanyFranz, Nele Elisa
2014 Fixed-term employment and fertility: Evidence from German micro dataAuer, Wolfgang / Danzer, Natalia
2014 Labor market integration of German immigrants and their children: Does personality matter?Thum, Anna-Elisabeth
2014 Unfair pay and healthFalk, Armin / Kosse, Fabian / Menrath, Ingo / Verde, Pablo Emilio / Siegrist, Johannes
2014 Sick of your job? Negative health effects from non-optimal employmentKleibrink, Jan
2014 Instrumental Variable Estimation of the Causal Effect of Hunger Early in Life on Health Later in Lifevan den Berg, Gerard J. / Pinger, Pia R. / Schoch, Johannes
2014 Positional income concers: Prevalence and relationship with personality and economic preferencesFriehe, Tim / Mechtel, Mario / Pannenberg, Markus
2014 25 Jahre nach dem Mauerfall: Ostlöhne holen nur schleppend aufBosch, Gerhard / Kalina, Thorsten / Weinkopf, Claudia
2014 Care for Money? Mortality improvements, increasing intergenerational transfers, and time devoted to the elderlyVogt, Tobias C. / Kluge, Fanny Annemarei
2014 Reasonable sample sizes for convergence to normalitySchröder, Carsten / Yitzhaki, Shlomo
2014 Zur Struktur von empirischen Sozial-, Verhaltens- und Wirtschaftsforschern: Ein Überblick über die Ereignisse der SOEP-NutzerbefragungenHebing, Marcel / Griese, Florian / Napieraj, Janine / Pahl, Marius / Stolpe, Carolin / Wagner, Gert G.
2014 Job insecurity, employability, and health: An analysis for Germany across generationsOtterbach, Steffen / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2014 Zukunftsangst! Fear of (and hope for) the huture and its impact on life satisfactionPiper, Alan
2014 Does the choice of well-being measure matter empirically? An illustration with German dataDecancq, Koen / Neumann, Dirk
2014 Transgenerational effects of childhood conditions on third generation health and education outcomesvan den Berg, Gerard J. / Pinger, Pia R.
2014 Is it the family or the neighborhood? Evidence from sibling and neighbor correlations in youth education and healthBügelmayer, Elisabeth / Schnitzlein, Daniel D.
2014 A disadvantaged childhood matters more if local unemployment is highZwysen, Wouter
2014 Who dares, wins? A sibling analysis of tertiary education transition in GermanyKeller, Tamás / Neidhöfer, Guido
2014 The effects of elite sports on later job successDewenter, Ralf / Giessing, Leonie
2014 Love thy neighbor: Religion and prosocial behaviorHeineck, Guido
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