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DateTitle Authors
2015 Life-cycle incidence of family policy measures in Germany: Evidence from a dynamic microsimulation modelBonin, Holger / Reuss, Karsten / Stichnoth, Holger
2015 A life-span perspective on life satisfactionThieme, Paula / Dittrich, Dennis A. V.
2015 Individual and workplace-specific determinants of paid and unpaid overtime work in GermanyZapf, Ines
2015 Let bygones be bygones? Socialist regimes and personalities in GermanyFriehe, Tim / Pannenberg, Markus / Wedow, Michael
2015 The impact of short- and long-term participation tax rates on labor supplyBartels, Charlotte / Pestel, Nico
2015 Understanding differences in labour market attachment of single mothers in Great Britain and West GermanyZagel, Hannah
2015 Revisiting the evidence for a cardinal treatment of ordinal variablesSchröder, Carsten / Yitzhaki, Shlomo
2015 Potential effects of statutory minimum wage on the gender pay gap: A simulation-based study for GermanyBoll, Christina / Hüning, Hendrik / Leppin, Julian / Puckelwald, Johannes
2015 Leave the drama on the stage: The effect of cultural participation on healthThiel, Lars
2015 Self-managed working time and employee effort: Theory and evidenceBeckmann, Michael / Cornelissen, Thomas / Kräkel, Matthias
2015 How does education improve cognitive skills? Instructional time versus timing of instructionDahmann, Sarah
2015 Quality of life and inequalityKrause, Peter
2015 How natural disasters can affect environmental concerns, risk aversion, and even politics: Evidence from Fukushima and three European countriesGoebel, Jan / Krekel, Christian / Tiefenbach, Tim / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2015 Do natural disasters stimulate individual saving? Evidence from a natural experiment in a highly developed countryBerlemann, Michael / Steinhardt, Max / Tutt, Jascha
2015 Life satisfaction in Germany after reunification: Additional Insights on the pattern of convergencePetrunyk, Inna / Pfeifer, Christian
2015 Life satisfaction and endogenous aspirationsBertoni, Marco / Corazzini, Luca
2015 Sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind? The effect of wind turbines on residential well-beingKrekel, Christian / Zerrahn, Alexander
2015 State dependence in welfare receipt: Transitions before and after a reformRiphahn, Regina T. / Wunder, Christoph
2015 Arbeitsmarktintegration: Spielt der Geburtsort eine Rolle? Eine empirische Untersuchung mit Daten des SOEP zum Zusammenhang zwischen Geburtsort und Arbeitsmarkterfolg von Migranten in DeutschlandKostmann, Michael
2015 The protestant fiscal ethic: Religious confession and Euro skepticism in GermanyChadi, Adrian / Krapf, Matthias
2015 Parenthood and risk preferencesGörlitz, Katja / Tamm, Marcus
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