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DateTitle Authors
2015 Quality of life and inequalityKrause, Peter
2015 How natural disasters can affect environmental concerns, risk aversion, and even politics: Evidence from Fukushima and three European countriesGoebel, Jan / Krekel, Christian / Tiefenbach, Tim / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2015 Do natural disasters stimulate individual saving? Evidence from a natural experiment in a highly developed countryBerlemann, Michael / Steinhardt, Max / Tutt, Jascha
2015 Life satisfaction in Germany after reunification: Additional Insights on the pattern of convergencePetrunyk, Inna / Pfeifer, Christian
2015 Life satisfaction and endogenous aspirationsBertoni, Marco / Corazzini, Luca
2015 Sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind? The effect of wind turbines on residential well-beingKrekel, Christian / Zerrahn, Alexander
2015 State dependence in welfare receipt: Transitions before and after a reformRiphahn, Regina T. / Wunder, Christoph
2015 Arbeitsmarktintegration: Spielt der Geburtsort eine Rolle? Eine empirische Untersuchung mit Daten des SOEP zum Zusammenhang zwischen Geburtsort und Arbeitsmarkterfolg von Migranten in DeutschlandKostmann, Michael
2015 The protestant fiscal ethic: Religious confession and Euro skepticism in GermanyChadi, Adrian / Krapf, Matthias
2015 Parenthood and risk preferencesGörlitz, Katja / Tamm, Marcus
2015 Demand and selection effects in supplemental health insurance in GermanyLange, Renate / Schiller, Jörg / Steinorth, Petra
2015 Deindustrialization and the polarization of household incomes: The example of urban agglomerations in GermanyGoebel, Jan / Gornig, Martin
2015 Distributional and behavioral effects of the gender wage gapGallego-Granados, Patricia / Geyer, Johannes
2015 Estimating benefits from regional amenities: Internal migration and life satisfactionFaßhauer, Angela / Rehdanz, Katrin
2015 How job changes affect people's lives: Evidence from subjective well-being dataChadi, Adrian / Hetschkeo, Clemens
2015 Compulsory military service and personality developmentSchult, Johannes / Sparfeldt, Jörn R.
2015 Mozart or Pelé? The effects of teenagers' participation in music and sportsCabane, Charlotte / Hille, Adrian / Lechner, Michael
2015 Television role models and fertility: Evidence from a natural experimentBönisch, Peter / Hyll, Walter
2015 Optimal social assistance and unemployment insurance in a life-cycle model of family labor supply and savingsHaan, Peter / Prowse, Victoria
2015 Dynamic properties of energy affordability measuresHeindl, Peter / Schüssler, Rudolf
2015 Sleep duration and life satisfactionPiper, Alan T.
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