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DateTitle Authors
2015 Atypical forms of employment in the public sector: Are there any?Keller, Berndt / Seifert, Hartmut
2015 Longitudinal wealth data and multiple imputation: An evaluation studyWestermeier, Christian / Grabka, Markus M.
2015 Moving to an earnings-related parental leave system: Do heterogeneous effects on parents make some children worse off?Huber, Katrin
2015 Number of siblings and educational choices of immigrant children: Evidence from first- and second-generation siblingsMeurs, Dominique / Puhani, Patrick A. / von Haaren, Friederike
2015 Die Persönlichkeitsmerkmale von Personen des Lehrer_innenberufsEulenberger, Jörg
2015 (Mis-)predicted subjective well-being following life eventsOdermatt, Reto / Stutzer, Alois
2015 Marital sorting, inequality and the role of female labor supply: Evidence from east and west GermanyPestel, Nico
2015 Unfair wage perceptions and sleep: Evidence from German survey dataPfeifer, Christian
2015 Personality and smoking: Individual-participant meta-analysis of 9 cohort studiesHakulinen, Christian / Hintsanen, Mirka / Munafò, Marcus R. / Virtanen, Marianna / Kivimäki, Mika / Batty, G. David / Jokela, Markus
2015 Measuring renewable energy externalities: Evidence from subjective well-being datavon Möllendorff, Charlotte / Welsch, Heinz
2015 Der Einfluss der Pflegeverantwortung von Frauen auf das Arbeitsangebot ihrer Partner: Eine Untersuchung mit dem SOEPKaschowitz, Judith
2015 How have employment transitions for older workers in Germany and the UK changed?Wright, David
2015 Getting poor to work: Three welfare increasing reforms for a busy GermanyJessen, Robin / Rostam-Afschar, Davud / Steiner, Viktor
2015 Long-term care reform and the labor supply of household members: Evidence from a quasi-experimentGeyer, Johannes / Korfhage, Thorben
2015 Do more of those in misery suffer from poverty, unemployment or mental illness?Flèche, Sarah / Layard, Richard
2015 Life-cycle incidence of family policy measures in Germany: Evidence from a dynamic microsimulation modelBonin, Holger / Reuss, Karsten / Stichnoth, Holger
2015 A life-span perspective on life satisfactionThieme, Paula / Dittrich, Dennis A. V.
2015 Individual and workplace-specific determinants of paid and unpaid overtime work in GermanyZapf, Ines
2015 Let bygones be bygones? Socialist regimes and personalities in GermanyFriehe, Tim / Pannenberg, Markus / Wedow, Michael
2015 The impact of short- and long-term participation tax rates on labor supplyBartels, Charlotte / Pestel, Nico
2015 Understanding differences in labour market attachment of single mothers in Great Britain and West GermanyZagel, Hannah
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