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DateTitle Authors
2014 It's politics, stupid! Political constraints determine governments' reactions to the Great RecessionGunzinger, Fabian / Sturm, Jan-Egbert
2014 A note on the representative adaptive learning algorithmBerardi, Michele / Galimberti, Jaqueson K.
2014 Testing the Bhaduri-Marglin model with OECD panel dataHartwig, Jochen
2014 Income taxes, sorting, and the costs of housing: Evidence from municipal boundaries in SwitzerlandBasten, Christoph Carl / von Ehrlich, Maximilian / Lassmann, Andrea
2014 Improving the reliability of real-time Hodrick-Prescott filtering using survey forecastsGalimberti, Jaqueson K. / Moura, Marcelo L.
2014 Identification of financial factors in economic fluctuationsFurlanetto, Francesco / Ravazzolo, Francesco / Sarferaz, Samad
2014 "Relative Movements of Real Wages and Output": How does Keynes's 1939 essay relate to his Principle of effective demand?Hartwig, Jochen
2014 Malthus and the industrial revolution: Evidence from a time-varying VARRathke, Alexander / Sarferaz, Samad
2014 Corporate taxes and the growth of the firmLiberini, Federica
2014 Unveiling participant level determinants of unit non-response in business tendency surveysBannert, Matthias / Dibiasi, Andreas
2014 Dividing the pie: the determinants of labor's share of income on the firm levelSiegenthaler, Michael / Stucki, Tobias
2014 Knowledge base, exporting activities, innovation openness and innovation performance: A SEM approach towards a unifying frameworkArvanitis, Spyridon / Gkypali, Areti / Tsekouras, Kostas
2014 Testing Okun's law with Swiss industry dataHartwig, Jochen
2014 The KOF Economic Barometer, version 2014: A composite leading indicator for the Swiss business cycleAbberger, Klaus / Graff, Michael / Siliverstovs, Boriss / Sturm, Jan-Egbert
2014 The impact of apprenticeship training on personality traits: An instrumental variable approachBolli, Thomas / Hof, Stefanie
2014 The effect of local crime on well-being: Evidence for GermanyKrekel, Christian / Poprawe, Marie Luise
2014 Forecasting Chinese GDP growth with mixed frequency data: Which indicators to look at?Mikosch, Heiner / Zhang, Ying
2013 Job mobility, peer effects, and research productivity in economicsBolli, Thomas / Schläpfer, Jörg
2013 Incentive effects of fiscal rules on the finance minister's behaviour: Evidence from revenue projections in Swiss CantonsChatagny, Florian
2013 Network neutrality, access to content and online advertisingD'Annunzio, Anna / Russo, Antonio
2013 Determinants of internationalisation: Do they differ among sectors and business functions? Evidence from firm-level dataArvanitis, Spyros / Hollenstein, Heinz / Stucki, Tobias
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